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Pregnancy Diary: 24 Weeks

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Pregnancy Diary: 24 Weeks
Pregnancy Diary: 24 Weeks (August 19)

August 20. It’s 1:25am. I just finished my shower and I’m now in bed beside my B. He’s sleeping. He’s too tired from all the tasks he needed to do for office work, carwash business, my personal requests like photo editing of my baby bump photo shoots, and his personal tasks in preparation for his trip. He’s been busy for weeks now! I feel like crying because in a few hours this morning, he will drive me home to mom. I will stay there while he is out of the country — San Francisco USA, for his UX conference. We’ve never been apart since 2009. I don’t know how to handle this feeling of loneliness being apart anymore. Insert tears here because they already fell as I type this. I’m paranoid. There’s a storm or typhoon and I’m worried something bad might happen. I’m usually like that. But I feel like it doubled now that I’m pregnant, and since because we are never apart for this long. I pray to God and all the saints to keep my B safe going there and until he comes back to us.

baby’s size:


my mood:

Feeling happy, in love, loving, yet worried and anxious.

my symptoms:

Headaches. Still troubling me from time to time. And I still haven’t give into taking meds of any kind. A little more sacrifice for our baby’s health.

Tender Breasts. I feel this pain whenever I woke up from sleep. It feels like they’ve been squashed while I was sleeping.

Leg Cramps. I’ve been stretching and keeping myself well-hydrated but I still get this.

Swelling. No shoes can fit anymore!

Pelvic Girdle Pain. One-sided pain on my left lower back all the way to my buttocks.


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