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Pregnancy Diary: 25 Weeks

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Pregnancy Diary: 25 Weeks and 6 Days (September 1)
Pregnancy Diary: 25 Weeks and 6 Days (September 1)

Diary entry dated 27 August 2015.

I cried. I was worried that something bad happened to B after he stopped messaging me for more than an hour. Apparently he woke up in time for his conference but he fell asleep again for more than an hour! That’s why he stopped messaging me. Plus, Globe lines cut his phone line that’s why when I called, it was off! The Golden Gate hotel reception did not open on time too (730am) so I got the voice recording! All the right ingredients to make a “worrisome Jaycelle” recipe!

Good thing a little past 730am, there’s an available receptionist and I was able to call B through his room phone number! Whew! I hate being paranoid and worrisome. I’m just glad B is safe and just feel sleepy because of the cool weather in San Francisco. Thank God. Please continue to protect my B and my baby in my belly.

baby’s size:

Tarte Tatin

my mood:

Paranoid, anxious, worrisome.

my symptoms:

Pelvic girdle pain. It really hurts my left lower back and buttocks!

Tender breasts.


Flatulence. Happens anytime, anywhere.

Restless leg syndrome. It’s tingling in the legs. In tagalog it’s called “ngalay“.

Sciatica. It’s a pain that starts from my lower back to my lower body. I’m just grateful I rarely experience this.



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