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Pregnancy Diary: 26 Weeks

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Pregnancy Diary: 26 Weeks and 4 Days (September 6)
Pregnancy Diary: 26 Weeks and 4 Days (September 6)

Dream Journal | 8 September 2015

I dreamt that I was holding my baby, but when I looked at him, he looks pale so I panicked! I ran back to the room and pressed my left breast and a yellowish white milk dropped on his lips and suddenly he came back to life! His skin regained it’s healthy glow.

Next scene: He was wearing a red shirt sans shorts. I was teaching him to mimic Daddy B sitting on a ledge or something in the bathroom so I can wash his bum (pwet)! Hahahaha. It was cute watching him how he looks at his daddy and copying the way daddy sat down. I was also trying to clean his mouth off of his poop (tachi)! Hahahaha. That was the end of my dream.

Do kids really like to eat their tachi? Or maybe they’re curious. And yes, in my dream, my baby is a boy. *smiles*


Diary Entry | 8 September 2015

Daddy B said that baby kicks at him in the early morning while I was still asleep. They have been bonding and playing for 3 days now, while I was sleeping. It melts my heart. *smiles*

baby’s size:

Boule de pain

my mood:

Excited because it’s the start of my third trimester! Although I heard that this is the most  painful and uncomfortable phase in pregnancy. I’m also gaining weight although I know that I have been eating the same way as I did in the past couple of months.

my symptoms:

Pelvic girdle pain. This I believe is because of my baby growing and putting on more weight, and my body could not keep up with my extra weight and baby’s.

Cravings / Appetite increase. So my appetite spike back up again. I’ve been trying so hard though to stay away from sweets.

Tender breasts.


Flatulence. Gas, and more gas.

Abdominal itchiness. I have been amassing pimples on my belly. And they are itchy!

White discharge.

Fatigue. Compared to my second trimester where I managed to navigate and practice my cooking in the kitchen, now I always feel exhausted – much like during my first trimester. I think it’s a cycle.

Back pain. I can’t sleep on my back anymore. It feels like my spine is going to break!



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