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Pregnancy Diary: 27 Weeks

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Pregnancy Diary: 27 Weeks and 4 Days (September 13)
Pregnancy Diary: 27 Weeks and 4 Days (September 13)

Diary Entry | 9 September 2015

During my CAS (Congenital Anomaly Scan).

I was a bit nervous before taking this CAS. Although we’re confident that we took precautionary measures and we really took extra care of our pregnancy from first trimester until now, you wouldn’t be able to shoo away the worries as first time mom and parents.

While laying down on one of the rooms with a TV monitor in front of me, I patiently waited for the OB Sonologist. To lighten the mood and ease my worry, I chatted with her as she sat down on her “throne”. Our conversation led for her to share that the mommy before me have a lot of abnormalities in her baby! That was really a frightening news. Suddenly I felt more nervous as she scan every little detail in my baby’s body. She measured and checked everything from head, to eyes, nose and lips, to the beating heart, lungs and kidney, spine, legs, number of toes and fingers. Gratefully, baby’s normal. I felt extremely relieved.

After the nitty gritty part of the scan, husband was called to join in for the gender determination. Gender reveal to follow soon! *grin*


Diary Entry | 12 September 2015

Since I had my OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test) and CAS(Congenital Anomaly Scan) medical tests last September 9, we consulted our OB in reading the results. I don’t have gestational diabetes and everything’s perfectly normal with baby!!! We’re so happy!

I also consulted Doc in regards my jock itch which has been bothering me for about a week. She checked and recommended me to use hypoallergenic feminine wash like Gynepro and to stick to panty liner that works for me. She also noted that my discharge looks perfectly normal so no need to worry about infection.

Doc also asked me to start monitoring baby’s kicks. He should kick or move a minimum of 8-count after a meal until it’s 2nd hour. I can monitor either after breakfast, lunch or dinner. If baby’s able to achieve his quota, then all is fine. If I notice a decrease in baby’s movement, I should go straight to any hospital delivery room to be assessed. But of course I pray that baby’s able to kick more than required not just after one meal but after every meal.

baby’s size:

Charlotte Royale cake

my mood:

Happy happy happy! We already know baby’s gender, although we chose to have a little gender reveal photo shoot to make the announcement more memorable. Extremely happy too that all is well for momma and baby. We pray that we continue to be healthy and happy until delivery day!

my symptoms:

Pelvic girdle pain. Baby is growing and putting on more weight, and my body could not keep up with my extra weight and baby’s.

White discharge / Vaginal irritation. It’s like a symptom that keeps coming back. Moisture down there cannot really be prevented so I need to be extra cautious in taking care of myself. I will try the feminine wash that my OB recommended.

Tender breasts. So this is how it feels when you have big boobs..


Abdominal itchiness. I have been amassing pimples on my belly. And they are itchy!

Back pain. Lower back is the most victim of this symptom!



Shortness of breath.

Excessive sweating. Can an air-con follow me around?

Clumsiness. I should be holding on railings otherwise I might be rolling on the floor!


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