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Pregnancy Diary: 28 Weeks

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Pregnancy Diary: 28 Weeks and 3 Days (September 19)
Pregnancy Diary: 28 Weeks and 3 Days (September 19)

Letter to My Brian Love | 22 September 2015

Dear my B,

With your actions and aspirations now, I have no doubt in my heart that you would be a better father to our son more than our ideals. I will instill to our son how much you love him and how much we adore and love you back.

Yours, Jaycelle


Diary Entry | 21 September 2015

Today around 630am, I woke up abruptly to a major leg cramp (left)! I didn’t realize I alarmed B by shouting “Ang sakit nag leg cramps ko!!!” plus grabbed his shirt to wake him up. He jumped off the bed to my rescue and massaged my leg with his eyes half-opened. Poor B. Good thing he didn’t have a heart attack.


Diary Entry | 18 September 2015

I woke up around 7-730am and husband is still working. He’s super busy. Although I understand that it is for us, I can’t help but feel so irritated!!! You see, my situation is a bit annoying. Food is a big deal to me. I grew up in our home where mom loves to cook and there’s always food anytime of the day, anytime you get hungry. I requested to buy Munggo and tilapia yesterday. But since husband is busy, we ate leftover Bulanglang that MIL cooked for their lunch.

Today, I still want my Munggo and tilapia. Sadly it’s already past 9am and we haven’t gone to the market yet to buy ingredients, not even to eat breakfast. We have oatmeal but I don’t feel like eating it. I’m annoyed yet I started dressing up to go out to the market. Sadly things turn from bad to worse! I told B that he shouldn’t have added new logo design study to what he was doing for our design client. I said he should’ve sticked to the revision request of the client, which I think will cut his work time in half. Then he blatantly replied “Wag mo nga ako pakialamanan.” Then you probably know what happens next. *sob sob sob*

baby’s size:

Couronne Bread

my mood:

Moody. Feeling stressed, irritated, frustrated, impatient, weepy, angry.

my symptoms:

Swelling. One of my most hated symptoms. Like in this event that I hosted, I cannot wear my black clogs that pairs well with my Han Solo outfit (but more like Han Double, get it? get it?) so I had to wear B’s brown leather slip-ons.

Clumsiness. My center of gravity shifts as my uterus grows. I need to start holding on to stair rails.

Excessive sweating. I feel hot hot hot.

Tender breasts. Ultra-sensitive and tender.

Leg cramps. I try to stretch my calf muscles regularly, walk everyday, avoid standing on my feet too long.

Flatulence. One of the most embarrassing symptoms.

White discharge. As long as it’s not an infection, then I’m kind of OK with this.

Backaches. Lower back pain, I don’t think this will go away until after I give birth.

Mood swings. I find that my moodiness flares up at around 6 to 10 weeks, eases up in the second trimester, and then reappears now as my pregnancy winds to a close.

Shortness of breath. Blame it on my growing uterus which puts pressure on my diaphragm.

Dizziness. I think this is by far the symptom I dread most.




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