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Pregnancy Preparation

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Pregnancy Preparation

Since we decided that we are ready to have our little bundle of joy, I started prepping up myself and my body. I did not exactly Google what I have to do, but I made sure we (Yes, we! Not just me!) stay perfectly healthy, generally. We made efforts to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here’s what I did when we were trying to conceive.

5 ways to prepare your body for pregnancy:

  1. Track your way to a healthy lifestyle. I started tracking my calorie intake, water intake, daily activities and movements so I don’t get too idle for too long. For this, I’m using different mobile apps. This routine helped me stay on track especially during busy days.
  2. Eat nutritiously. Your body’s fuel are the food you eat. Ensure that you are injecting nutritious meals into your diet as much as possible. More fruits and vegetables, less sugary and processed food although an occasional cravings for sweets are acceptable.
  3. Take prenatal vitamins. During those months when we were TTC (trying to conceive), I already took folic acid amongst other vitamins. This is to help boost fertility and ensure that I’m getting all the nutrients I’ll need during early pregnancy.
  4. Drop bad vices. Smoking, alcohol and too much caffeine as we all know are not good in any way for our health. Although I don’t smoke or drink alcohol, I occasionally allow myself to enjoy a little bit of caffeine thru my green tea and coffee.
  5. Track your fertility. I used this free app to help me track my ovulation and fertile windows. It also has helpful articles and advice on what we should be doing while trying to conceive.

Of course, ensuring you are not under a lot of stress helps a lot too! What were your ways or techniques in trying to conceive? Would love to hear them! xx


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