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Hotel Vida, The Home of Widus Vacation Club Part 1 of 2

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Brian was invited to be the photographer for his friend’s mom’s 60th birthday in Pampanga for June 27th. Since it’s on the weekend, it’s more likely that I will be with him. We planned to go there a day earlier and have our post-monthly celebration. A hotel accommodation is a must since the main event falls on a Sunday. I barely knew any hotel in the area aside from the old villas for rent and old hotels.

Lucky enough while I was googling, I found a new hotel and vacation club right smack in the middle of Clark Freeport Zone.

June 26, 2010 Saturday

Brian and I can probably join the next Amazing Race challenge since we’ve been practicing rushing and turbo-ing (our own lil term) each and every time we will go out. We love it like that. Kidding! We are just two slow-moving creatures and always rushing to make our way to whatever event on time (or at least we try to but mostly we are late). Just like today. We planned to hop on the bus for their 11am schedule but we needed to grab some stuff in the groceries first.

One of the bus lines that goes to Pampanga daily is Partas Bus Lines. After picking up some stuff, we went to their Aurora, Cubao terminal and got the 11:30am schedule. Phew! That was a lot of rushing this early morning. I told you we can totally join the Amazing Race!

Dainty Kick

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Despite the lack of a decent internet connection, I managed to doodle around and created this look.

I would have worn this if my boyfriend asked me out to catch up and spend time roaming around the mall. Well, OK yeah, probably not for hours in these heels but whatever, I would love to wear this.

I know Polyvore have been around for quite some time and being the late bloomer that I am, I just recently re-discovered this cool site and used this as a therapy for myself today. Creating a look / style plus designing the layout can be therapeutic, who knew?

Definitely a cool way to get on with my fashion freaky-ness plus learning how to do a magazine-like spread. Though I know with this first look it’s lacking the ‘layout’ that I am talking about. Well, soon I will learn how to create a better one.


Dreaming about Macaron de Paris

The Happy List

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Lulu’s Happy List

July 6, 2010 Tuesday

1. love/hate train relationship
2. daily inspirational quotes
3. exercise
4. cool mango shake
5. fashion blogs
6. generous compliments
7. organizing my stuff
8. green living articles
9. guilty pleasure – greasy chili nuts
10. sweetest sms from my B