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Pregnancy Diary: 29 Weeks

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Pregnancy Diary: 29 Weeks and 3 Days (September 26)
Pregnancy Diary: 29 Weeks and 3 Days (September 26)

Diary Entry | 23 September 2015

Third trimester feels exciting like second trimester with (the lack of) energy of the first trimester.

Hungry. Lazy. Tired.

baby’s size:


my mood:

I’m back to craving sleep. all. day. everyday.

my symptoms:

Shortness of breath. Maintaining my breath can be a labor too!

Excessive sweating. Being in a tropical country, with global warming surely doesn’t help.

Increased thirst. This is a good symptom because it reminds me to charge up on water, which has many benefits.

Swelling. This usually goes away in the morning if I sleep with my legs elevated. Then they start coming back at night especially after a long rough day for the legs.

Heartburn. I kind of mistaken this with shortness of breath, but I’m pretty sure I am experiencing both.

Tender breasts. I need to hug a pillow to cushion my boobies.

Frequent urination. Much like my first trimester symptom as well.



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When you’re pregnant and expecting, your entire life instantaneously changes one hundred eighty degrees. You’ll have tons of worries revolving your unborn child, you’ll have unhealthy food cravings which may cause you to gain more weight, your body will feel heavy like a bulldozer, you’ll get to know “morning sickness” which attacks pretty much anytime of the day and you’ll have heavy vaginal discharge — altogether making you feel queasy, unconfident, unattractive and unsexy.

When I’m feeling exactly that, here are surefire ways I do that help me regain my balance, my confidence and overall, feel clean and sexy while pregnant.

Nourish the mind.

Tuesdays with MorrieRead and write. Oftentimes, I read something uplifting, encouraging, and mind-stretching. I love to read a great book of inspiring quotes or a short chapter of a story of someone else’s victorious life. I don’t stop with just reading it, I write it – I create a digital artwork of the quotes that really spoke to me and share it. There is something about writing it out and sharing it to the world that helps the brain process it more fully than simply reading it.

Pregnancy Diary: 28 Weeks

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Pregnancy Diary: 28 Weeks and 3 Days (September 19)
Pregnancy Diary: 28 Weeks and 3 Days (September 19)

Letter to My Brian Love | 22 September 2015

Dear my B,

With your actions and aspirations now, I have no doubt in my heart that you would be a better father to our son more than our ideals. I will instill to our son how much you love him and how much we adore and love you back.

Yours, Jaycelle


Diary Entry | 21 September 2015

Today around 630am, I woke up abruptly to a major leg cramp (left)! I didn’t realize I alarmed B by shouting “Ang sakit nag leg cramps ako!!!” plus grabbed his shirt to wake him up. He jumped off the bed to my rescue and massaged my leg with his eyes half-opened. Poor B. Good thing he didn’t have a heart attack.