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summer fantasies

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yellow dresses!

they are like sunshine anytime of the day.

made a wish, i can dream
i can be what i want to be
not afraid to live my life
and fulfill my fantasies

happy sunshine-y day!


Photo credits: flickr

where my heart is…

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where the doors are moaning all day long,
where the stairs are leaning dusk ’till dawn,

where the windows are breathing in the light,
where the rooms are a collection of our lives,

this is a place where I don’t feel alone
this is a place that I call my home.

? I’d be so delighted if one day we move to this place that we’ll call our home. ?

Photo credits: we heart it

White Heat

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since it’s summer, we are planning a lot of picnic-at-the-park dates and other lil’ adventures.

and because of the season, it would be nice to wear something dainty, soft and charming.

take a peek at some of my style inspirations.

don’t you just think they’re lovely? ?

Collection by Urban Outfitters.