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Pregnancy Diary: 21 Weeks

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Pregnancy Diary: 21 Weeks
Pregnancy Diary: 21 Weeks (July 29) ||| Dress: Forever 21

This morning we kicked off the day by celebrating at Spiral Sofitel Manila‘s breakfast buffet.

Today marks my 21st week — hooray! We are 1 week past our halfway mark — that means we have 19 more weeks to go!

From our previous doctor’s appointment, I had the impression that today is the day that we will know Buchokikok’s gender — despite our baby’s gender, we love her/him very much, of course! But when we arrived at Doc Ana’s clinic for our consultation, she just checked my tummy for baby’s size which is just about right based on the age by week and she checked for the heartbeat which was not as fast as it was on our last visit. I think Buchokikok likes to give momma and daddy a scare! Haha.

Also, Doc Ana requested for a fasting, Congenital Anomaly Screening and Gender Determination scheduled end of August. She said it would be better to do all that between my 24th week until 28th week. In short, we’ll have to wait about another month to find our Buchokikok’s gender. It’s ok to wait as long as we know that baby’s ok in momma’s tummy.

Overall, baby and momma are healthy and well, but as of today I already gained 13lbs. My total weight gain goal for the whole pregnancy is 25lbs. That means I only have 12lbs credit until I reach my full term. I should strive to eat healthy at all times!

baby’s size:

Large Brioche à Tête!

my mood:

Momma’s happy as a clam for reaching our halfway mark. Grateful that we are on the right track!

my symptoms:

Abdominal ache and pain. I got scared when I felt it one morning. But as my moms told me, it is normal because it most likely mean that baby is stretching in my belly.

Gaining weight. Yup, already having triple chin!

Increased energy. I’m taking advantage of this stage until I can! I heard I will feel heavier and lazier when I hit third trimester.

Abdominal itchiness. It’s starting to itch here and there but I am refusing to scratch it! No to stretchmarks please!

Shortness of breath. This depends on my lying position so I make sure I lay or sit down properly and comfortably.

Acne. I’m having acne but not on my face but on my belly.

White discharge. This symptom is getting more and more common. I need wider and longer pantyliners!

Backache. It’s persistent but also very common as the baby grows.

Hot flashes. This is due to my fluctuating hormone levels. It always feels like summer.

Huge appetite. I’m eating more and more as my belly grows — more room for baby, more room for yummy food.

Insomnia. This quite bothers me. Sometimes I’m already grateful for a 5-hour snooze.

Leg cramps. I’m advised to hydrate more!

Pregnancy Diary: 20 Weeks

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Pregnancy Diary: 20 Weeks and 3 Days
Pregnancy Diary: 20 Weeks and 3 Days (July 25) ||| Corset: La Senza, Jeans: Forever 21

This was the week when we announced about our pregnancy! We were overwhelmed with the congratulatory greetings and messages of support. It felt good to finally spill the beans and let it all out as we basked into this new found happiness and purpose.

20 weeks also means that we are on our halfway mark, a milestone worthy to be celebrated with a little cupcake!

baby’s size:

Palmier cookie

my mood:

I was pretty much in a happy mood the entire week. And since there was this new-found energy, I frequented the kitchen to practice my cooking skills. There’s no better feeling than to see my B devoured what I prepared for him up to the last bite! Also, it seems like I already felt my baby kicked! I’m not so sure yet but it felt like a little someone fluttered in my belly. *teehee*

my symptoms:

Insomnia. I started having trouble sleeping. It seems hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in even with the help of my pregnancy pillow sometimes. Toss and turn is the name of the game!

Headache. My most hated symptom. An extra sleep does help though.

Hip and lower back pain. They are persistent which is why I’m considering getting a prenatal massage soon.

Abdominal itchiness. I have been meaning to start applying oil, cream or lotion but I haven’t gotten my hands on Bio-oil yet, which was recommended by my OB.

Increased energy. Hence the rise of my kitchen diva-self and emcee diva-self. Which is why I accepted this voice-over talent work for SM Dare To Denim campaign held in SM Southmall.

White discharge. I’m in the market for a longer pantyliner.

Constipation / bloating. This is when I’m loving my oatmeal.

Leg cramps. It’s a good way to wake you up, like an espresso shot.

Cravings. I’ve been craving for cupcakes this week and I’ve tried two — Spoonful Cakes and Pastries and Larissa’s Love Cupcakes and Desserts

Pregnancy Diary: 19 Weeks

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Pregnancy Update: 19 Weeks and 3 Days
Pregnancy Update: 19 Weeks and 3 Days (July 18) ||| Top: Nine Months via Zalora PH

This week was kind of eventful one with a road trip to Pampanga to attend my B’s bestie’s birthday. We also squeezed in a route to check out MSM American Surplus, which we thought still had a branch in Pampanga, only to be broken-hearted when we saw the empty space they were once situated in. After the merriment of that birthday celebration, we went to MSM’s branch along Edsa-GMA for my thrifting-fix. I cannot not get my fix!

baby’s size:

Crepe Suzette!

my mood:

I’ve been generally a happy camper or should I say a happy preggy camper with no or minimal mood swings except a little annoyance on some of my symptoms.

my symptoms:

Hip and lower back pain. As per my OB, now is the time to learn how to sleep on my side with knees bent. This relieves back pain and prevents shortness of breath. A pregnancy pillow I got recently really helped me in getting a good night’s sleep.

Pregnancy brain. Apparently in my case, pregnancy-induced brain fog is true. I can forget even the most common part of my daily routine, or the next word to complete my sentence.

Appetite decrease. This is the most unusual symptom I had especially because I’m known to be a foodie.

Skin changes. Skin discoloration or darkening around my neck, underarms and linea negra on my belly.