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Weekend Dress

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IMG_8120_dpp_1200_sahagunRegatta eye-wear; Shopaholic dress, Scarlet sandals; What Women Want wristlet; white nails c/o Sugarlicious Nail Lounge

Although I don’t quite know what to expect from the Sunday Market we will visit, I decided to choose comfort on dressing up. Sleeveless dress, flat sandals and my trusty eye-wear that acts as my invisibility cloak from the eyes of the chaotic crowd.

Sunday Market

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Part of my ideal lifestyle is leisurely strolling around weekend market on Sunday mornings. One Sunday that’s exactly what we did. Of all the weekend markets in the Metro, I’ve been curious with Legaspi Sunday Market. Artwork, handicrafts alongside organic food, fresh produce, local and some international cuisine and to-go fare are what makes this Sunday Market a visual feast. Don’t leave without checking the stalls selling baklava, authentic cow leather bags, Himalayan Sea Salt and Batik.


Authentic House of Curry. Assortment of curry dishes where we ordered our brunch. Spicy meal to start our hot Sunday morning.

Baklava, a Turkish dessert, for our desserts.

Fringe Experiment

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Some time last February, my friend who owns Introspect Hair Salon & Makeup Studio, opened her second branch at Fisher Mall. Since my hair scream for a makeover, I went straight to this chic salon to have it done!

Agenda: new hair color + fringe

IMG_8043_dpp_1200_sahagunUnica Hija 3/4 chiffon top; skirt from Zalora; Aldo bag; Trunk Show heels

This is what I wore from attending my new godson, Savino’s baptism. Welcome to the Christian world, little sweetheart Savino!