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Holiday Snippets

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My weekend of intended relaxation quickly turned into catching up on way too much laundry and tons of organizational projects, add to that the first bridal fair I’ve attended with my B. *yihee*

Although… I thought I would take a few moments today to share to you a few of our Christmas and New Year’s snippets, Instagram style. My holiday involved a lot of spending time with family and loved ones, last minute Christmas shopping, wrapping a mountain of gifts, spending more time in the kitchen trying my skills in cooking new recipes for the first time — like Classic Pot Roast, Beef and Mushroom Pasta and mashed potato (I feel so accomplished! Haha), bonding with little brother over making my lola’s recipe and not to mention my favorite puto.

Holiday Snippets 2012{ Classic Pot Roast }

Holiday Snippets 2012{ Lola Kikay’s Puto }

Holiday Snippets 2012{ Mashed Potato }

Holiday Snippets 2012{ mom’s hot chocolate }

Holiday Snippets 2012{ Why, hello there! }

Add to that my heavenly moments sipping mom’s rich hot chocolate, munching on those puto, eating lots of desserts including ate Hazel’s carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and watching batoots dance to Gangnam style (pretty little kids from my B’s side of the family). Holidays with the Sahaguns are also the best time to enjoy hosting a friendly competition and contests amongst kids and kids at heart.

Holiday Snippets 2012

Holiday Snippets 2012

Holiday Snippets 2012

Holiday Snippets 2012

December has been a hectic yet amazing month. May this month of January and each month onwards have as much love and blessings as the previous ones.

I’ll be stopping in again soon with a few bits + pieces of my reflections on 2012, but in the meantime I’m wishing you all had a very beautiful weekend and a bright Monday. Lots of love! Cheers to a fresh start!

Fun Friday!

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First Friday of 2013, woohoo!!! This signals the first weekend yet again, as if the long holiday vacation is not enough. But it’s true, I don’t think vacations will ever be be long enough with all the family gatherings, social responsibilities, errands and tasks to attend to. Haha.

I’m excited for the weekend! This, I’m sure, will help in psyching ourselves back to our normal schedule and routine.

Hope you had a fun Friday! And happy happy weekend, y’all!!!

“There is no time for cut-and-dried monotony. There is time for work. And time for love. That leaves no other time.”

– Coco Chanel

So many ways to say “I Do”

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Caleruega Church { Caleruega Church }

Paco Park Church { Paco Park Church }

Before the start of Chrismastime and after the new year’s, we have paused with our wedding planning until last night. We hit play again in discussing the perfect date, venue and caterer for our day. These are just some of the aspects that we consider as the major bulk of our planning and preparation.

We originally thought that we’ve short listed our ceremony and reception venue options down to two but due to budget and date constraints, we are in search for other garden venues and caterers to suit our requirements. We’ve spotted a couple of reception venues we are interested in but there are a lot of things to be clarified before we finally decide (and share it here with you).

Another aspect is the type of wedding ceremony we’ll choose. The most common types are religious ceremony, civil union, non-traditional such as beach weddings, amongst others. Ever since I don’t recall when, I’ve imagined my wedding to be laid-back and would take place in the great outdoors or a beautiful garden, not just the reception but even the ceremony. And so, I thought I wouldn’t consider saying our I Dos inside a church but Paco Park and Caleruega are making me change my mind. Not that I’m complaining though. *smirks* Hope we get answers to our clarifications so we can finally book both the ceremony and reception venues!