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Dreaming of the perfect dress

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{ One of Jasmine‘s Fall 2013 collection }

Silhouette, sweetheart neckline, lace, beads. Dreamy wedding dress.

If only I can work on that figure too! *laughs*

My B on the other hand (I think) is satisfied with the inspiration he came up with. We just need to discuss if my look and his look will fit perfectly together. *my heart skips a beat*

Dreaming of a garden wedding

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We always knew that if we are going to get married, it will have to be outdoors — garden, farm, or even in the forest!

I’m currently in search for that perfect location and I couldn’t be more excited and anxious at the same time.

For now I’m channeling my dreams and vision on these garden wedding inspirations…

{ I love every little detail on this wedding picture }

{ Mr. and Mr’s metal chairs }

{ birdcages, pearls, flowers. a dreamy combination }

All photo credits to weheartit.

Love love love

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{ Yeyi and George’s Wedding }

This is the first friend’s wedding we’ve attended right after being engaged. Naturally my senses are wide awake in taking mental notes on what to-do or not to-do for our own wedding. Theirs is simply beautiful. I love weddings. I love the couple’s vows. Theirs made me cry and left a lump on my throat. That’s a good thing though.

I was able to get some pointers but most especially, because of this wedding, we’ve seen a beautiful garden venue perfect for our own. *smirks*