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Happy looong weekend!

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Red Cherry White Rice sack <3

Oh, hello there! Happy Sunday and happy start of the long weekend! Yesterday, my Open Ricer friends and I were invited to review 8 Spices Thai Cuisine restaurant in their Tomas Morato branch and I still remember how flavorsome all their foods were. I just think their name really suits because they are serving gastronomic fares that are the result of using eight spices that are distinctive in Thai dishes. More on my food review on that in days to come.

Today we took advantage of the bright and sunny day to do some house cleaning. And we happen to bought this UBER cute rice sack to supposedly contain all the recyclables that we need to bring to the junk shop. I almost got away in hoarding, I mean keeping this again (together with all my other “treasures”) but the better part of me knew I had to let go of my hoarding characteristics. *le sigh*

Hoping you have a very happy and relaxing long weekend!

And… if you haven’t completed your shopping for your planned getaway, use my discount code Dollhouse121 to get 5% off for a minimum purchase of Php500 at Zalora.com.ph.

Playing Tourist in the City Round 2

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As promised here, here are more photos from our city getaway, this time it’s from my B‘s cameras. Let me share our precious and crazy bonding moments here…

{ my pretty bag from Vietnam }
Edsa Shangri-La view from the top
B and J portrait
Our note to express our love for this hotel
{ Our new-old tradition… jumping in bed! }
{ … in his case, tumbling! }


This is how we bond! Haha


Day 2

{ getting ready by the poolside… }
{ …and this is the retro concept shoot i was telling you about }

To see more of our crazy photos, view here

♥ ♥ ♥

Photos by: Brian Sahagun

I want to be an angel

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… not the one up in heaven nor an angel because I’m already a spirit. A Victoria’s Secret Angel, that is! *smirk*

These very sexy and bombshell collection made me wished I’m one of them!

Bombshell Multi-way Bra Pink with Gold with strap{ push up bra }

Bombshell Multi-way Bra White{ Bombshell multi-way bra }

Bombshell Multi-way Bra Pink with Gold strapless{ Bombshell multi-way strapless bra }

I’m not the type who is so much into posh undergarments but there’s a lot of brands, local and foreign, that excites me with their cheeky, lacy and very sexy collection. They appear to be oh so irresistible.

I might be spotted visiting a lingerie store… very… soon.