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TOSH: Chicken Piccata w/ Garlic Spaghetti and Grilled Porkchop w/ Mashed Potato

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22 July 2012, Sunday

After the weekend full of non-stop rain, lots of little naps and piled up errands, we have decided that it’s time to be out in the city, see a little sunshine and eat a happy, scrumptious meal. Since The Old Spaghetti House has been a long time favorite as you probably would have noticed here, here , here and here it was no-brainer that we have decided where to go to for our Sunday lunch date.

I was not feeling well either and the memory of last night’s delivery dinner from Mang Inasal is another sickening thought. So imagine my desire to finally be able to eat something delicious.

And this is what they served me… after waiting for more than 30 minutes…

Chicken Piccata w/ Garlic Spaghetti
{ Hers: Chicken Piccata w/ Garlic Spaghetti P160 }

From the looks of it, this pasta and chicken combo looked sicker than I was! Chicken Piccata, as far as I know is seasoned and dredged in flour before being browned in butter or olive oil. This is far from being browned as it surely looks pale than I was even when sick.

Not just the look I must say, much more is its taste! The tangy sauce of the Chicken Piccata seemed to worked double-time as the sauce of the supposedly garlic spaghetti. There was not even a hint of garlic.

Needless to say, I didn’t finish my pasta because I didn’t like the tangy sauce on my pasta. And since I’m hungry, I just made do eating the chicken. Such a sad lunch.

Grilled Porkchop w/ Mashed Potato
{ His: Grilled Porkchop w/ Mashed Potato P185 }

On the other hand, my B ordered their porkchop. It was chewy and not the usual taste of a delicious porkchop. It was just OK for a hungry person.

Blueberry Cheesecake Trifle
{ Blueberry Cheesecake Trifle P115 }

The Old Spaghetti House

In our hopes to salvage our lunch, we decided to order a dessert and we chose Blueberry Cheesecake Trifle. I was hoping they’ll use real cream cheese but they didn’t. This dessert failed my hopes and expectation, too.

Overall, it was one of the rare chances that I did not enjoy TOSH (Ali Mall branch). I am hoping that their team of chef will improve these food that we happen to try all at the same time.

Photo Credits: Brian Sahagun

Hooray Thursday: When It Pours It Rains

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If you are in Manila, you very well know that we experience more or less the whole 26 letters of the alphabet as the first letter of each rain / typhoon from June until the rest of the ber months.

For today’s post, I’ve put together a simple outfit that shout-out “I’m ready for rain!”

Team Manila Vneck Shirt
{ Kape and Pan De Sal, typical Filipino breakfast message in this V-neck/Regular t-shirt by Team Manila Lifestyle }

7 For All Mankind Classic Skinny
{ 7 FOR ALL MANKIND Roxanne Classic Skinny Jean. Pair with a boyfriend t-shirt, wedges and over sized sunglasses for a complete look. }

Centropelle Glitzy Flats
{ Bring out the glitz with the Flats by Centropelle.These shoes will definitely charm and delight with its glittering personality. Pair it with leggings and a sleeveless button-up shirt for great casual get up. }

Plueys Pink Boots
{ Being stuck in a rainy day never looked this fashionable with the Plueys Origami ME. These stylish pink boots are accented by origami art print, plus the rubber upper and cotton lining keeps you dry and comfy. Who says a day in the rain has to be drab and sulky? Certainly not with these boots! }

{ No stylish outfit is complete without a statement scarf, and the CORAL MINI FLORAL SCARF by Plains & Prints is the perfect match for your chic look. Wear it with a plain white tee and a tiered ruffled skirt for a classy contemporary look. }

{ Look chic and sassy with the AMBER HANDBAG by Braciallini. This exquisite piece will add life and pizazz to your day and is sure keep your essentials safe in a trendy and sophisticated package. }

Embellish SHIRR WST Jacket
{ Stay dry in style during the rainy season by slipping on this super chic SHIRR WST Jacket from Embellish. Wear it with skinny jeans and calf boots for a great cold-weather look. }

Plains & Prints W.COLOR DAISY RING
{ Plains & Prints increases the glamour stakes with a dazzling W.COLOR DAISY RING. Wear this elegant ring with crystals for luxurious style from day to night. }

La Mer Collections WHITE GOLD BALI STUD WRAP Watch
{ The WHITE / GOLD / BALI STUD WRAP by La Mer Collections is a glam watch inspired with Bali’s lush flowers displaying simple beauty and distinction. This elegant wrap watch is hand assembled and made with utmost care. }

Orly Pure Petunia
{ Orly Pure Petunia nail lacquers are free of DBP, Formaldehyde, & Toluene and come in a .6oz bottle. Pink color. }

All these lovely pieces and more are available over at Zalora! Your one stop online destination for everything fashion in the Philippines. Bringing you an insight on global trends, they feature your favorite international designers and the most relevant Filipino brands. Zalora prides itself on their easy navigation, simple and safe online shopping. Payment can simply be made by cash on delivery, direct debit, over the counter, credit card and PayPal. Most of all, they do fast shipping and free delivery on your orders!

Happy dancing in the rain! And oh, happy shopping! xx

Brew-Kus, The Bev-Wich Shop

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18 July 2012, Wednesday

Simple Joys at Brew KusI’ve never heard of this Bev-Wich shop until my colleagues and I were thinking where to go to after work for some much needed “catching up”. What is Bev-Wich you ask? It’s a short term for beverage-sandwich kind of place.

Brew KusIt was such a short walk from our office and I was delighted to see that at 5PM, the cafe was still empty. I’m loving huge spaces for a more relaxed, laid-back feel while enjoying our food picks.

Crisp Spinach Ravioli{ Crisp Spinach Ravioli. Fresh spinach leaves + cream cheese + parmesan + garlic + crispy wanton wrapper. Php190 }

Since I was not that hungry, I opted to try their Crisp Spinach Ravioli. The fact that it’s fried interested me. The spinach and cream cheese was just palatable and enough to whet my appetite.

Buffalo Wings{ Buffalo Wings. Chicken wings + spicy wing sauce + cool ranch dressing. P250 }

This was picked by Escy and is surprisingly goood! I’ve tasted a couple of Buffalo Wings but there is something more to this version that sets it apart from the rest. If I will be back at Brew-Kus, it will most probably be because of this!

Fish and Chips{ Fish and Chips. Crispy cream dory + special beer batter + hand-cut fries + tartar sauce. Php280 }

This was Kimmy’s order which took eons of years before they served it. And to our dismay, this has nothing special to offer. It tasted like any regular Fish and Chips and as per Kimmy, she tasted its oiliness.

Nutelle and Banana French Toast with Kimberley on the side :))){ Nutella and Banana French Toast with Kimberley on the side *grin*. Thick slice of white bread + special milk batter + fresh banana slices + nutella. Php280 }

Jaycelle with Prescilla{ With my dear Escy }

Jaycelle with Kimberley{ … and baby Kimmy }

With my beloved Executive Team <3

Unlike the usual beverage-sandwich shop, Brew-Kus offers extensive brewed beverages from coffee, true teas and tea lattes paired with modern comfort dishes.

Overall, what I love about Brew-Kus is its food offerings and its laid back ambiance — it took my mind away from the hustle and bustle of Makati area while we revel on the stories we’ve been saving and meaning to share. *smiles*

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." -Virginia Woolf, novelist “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” -Virginia Woolf, novelist

Brew Kus
The Bev-Wich Shop
Unit G-02, 139 Corporate Center,
139 Valero Street,
Salcedo Village,
1227 Makati
(02) 856 7656