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Today is your birthday, happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday, dearest mommy!{ My ever dearest mom and yours truly. Taken 25 November 2011 at Edsa Shangri-La by Brian Sahagun }

To you whose hug is soft and fragile yet warm and consoling
To you whose words seem repetitive yet comforting and encouraging
To you whose rearing and nurturing seem lenient yet binding and inspiring
Happy happy birthday, mom! We love you so much! ^_^

Happy List: All Things Sparkling

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christmas-city-lights-pink-pretty-snow{ photo via }

I am bringing back my lost traditions of sharing little things that make me happy. And to kickstart this 2012, my happy list post is a combination of things from Christmas holiday and new year kick off.

Farm Animals{ photo c/o aStormySky.com }

Jaycelle’s Happy List

  1. gift shopping for kids
  2.  Christmas parties and exchange gifts with friends
  3. winning ‘Best Female Outfit’ at our office party. Love the one-shoulder sequin dress from Forever21.
  4. wooden horse we gifted Zsi-Zsi
  5. lots of little pretty gifts from friends
  6. sparkling city
  7. creating new Christmas traditions
  8. celebrating with family. there’s no place like home.
  9. new chance. new beginning. new start.
  10. exciting year ahead!


Sweetheart Neckline

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Two of my friends (one from work and one is B’s cousin) are getting hitched this month and I’m invited!

Saturday morning is ogling-for-pretty-dresses kind of morning.