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Berry Blue Friday

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{ Berry Blue Cheesecake }

{ Holla from the Geek chic! }

{ BonTea Jasmine Green Tea }

My daily routine as of late while on vacation will soon change back to the working-chic routine. That’s why, I’m meticulously spending my last Friday before reporting back to work doing things that felt luxuriously relaxing like visiting a nearby mall, reading my favorite blogs while munching on low-fat cheesecake and sipping Jasmine green tea.

{ B and J }

{ Colorful fruits in baskets }

{ Podium Mall }

{ Bouquet of flowers }

Simple pleasures in life I aim to do often.
Life is good!

Hooray Thursday: Hooray New Year!

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This is my first Hooray Thursday post for 2012. And I pulled out some favorite posts herehere and here which instantly reminded me the very reason why I started it in the first place. It still made me smile.

I originally thought of sharing my new year’s resolution (though I kind of stop making one) so instead, I will share things I’m looking forward to this year.

Delicious smelling kitchen from delicious cooking{ Delicious smelling kitchen from delicious cooking }

Herb garden in the backyard{ Herb garden in the backyard }

More beautiful music with my B{ More beautiful music with my B }

Cook more with herbs{ Cook more with herbs }

Watch home videos that make us laugh so hard{ Watch home videos that make us laugh so hard }

Explore other talents and interests{ Explore other talents and interests }

An organized home{ An organized home }

Do inspirational shoots{ Do inspirational shoots }

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Soda Fountain

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Third day into my stay-at-home act doing errands and working on backlogs on personal projects, I accomplished editing 12-days worth of photos (5 more days worth of photos from October and 7 days worth from November 2011)! I am so proud of myself! *woot woot*

At night, my B picked me up for some much-needed time outside the house! To reward myself and to finally see the world again! *laughs*

While doing our grocery shopping, B asked me to close my eyes and walk behind him. I’m thinking what could be his surprise?… inside the grocery store?!… He didn’t say a word aside from “..just close your eyes and walk behind me..”.

A minute or two after, he stopped and asked me to open my eyes… and to my surprise… BOOM!

B discovered a little diner inside the grocery store. Isn’t the idea SO COOL?!

Soda Fountain{ Soda Fountain Diner }

I love vintage. I love retro. I love diner. I love Coke. So basically, I love everything this little diner is all about. ♥ ♥ ♥

Imagine good ól diner playing ’60s music in the background like that of my love, Beatles, while enjoying my fries, hotdog sandwich and that ice cold Coke! I was instantly transported back to the past. But I’m more hoping this is the look of the future. *le sigh*

Soda Fountain Menu{ Straight to the point Menu }

Little girl at the Diner.
My B at Soda Fountain{ B at Soda Fountain }

Classic Coke print ad. Love it!!! Hotdog with cheese sauce combo meal!{ Hotdog with cheese sauce combo meal! Php88/meal. }

J at Soda Fountain

{ J at Soda Fountain }

Soda Fountain
Inside Shopwise, Araneta Cubao