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The Happy List: The Long and Short of It 2/3

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IMG_5681Lulu’s Happy List

  1. food trip with my B
  2. finally watched The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
  3. Canon PhotoMarathon experience
  4. getting free F&H one-piece swimsuit and lots of other freebies
  5. carousel ride
  6. Araneta Center’s lighting of Christmas Tree *magical*
  7. Yes Man movie
  8. day at the park with my B and Tita Vi
  9. part of the party planner, Dora-theme for Jajie
  10. meeting new French friends

There’s more to come! So please visit here again soon.

Care to share what’s making you blush and happy?

The Happy List: The Long and Short of It 1/3

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Happy Monday holiday! I’ll start the week right by sharing my gratitude / happy list from the past days or probably even weeks. *grin*

A special shoutout to all of you who took time to send in those cute little birthday greetings and love notes. Thank you very much, guys! I had a blast celebrating my birthday. *cheers*

And here goes my long over-due Happy List.

Lulu’s Happy List

  1. when relatives visit at home
  2. playing with my nephew, Johann
  3. when my B appreciated what I prepared for him — BLT salad and Bologna sandwich
  4. discovering Echo Store
  5. B’s sweet treats: Dulcinea’s Chocolate Croissant and Crepes & Cream’s Mango Cheesecake
  6. pre-Halloween hang out with ST (Samahang Tunay *grins*)
  7. Margarita
  8. paying respect to dad and our loved ones who are now in heaven
  9. dinner at iBagnet
  10. mom’s face when I give her pasalubong

This is the 1st of three parts of my long Happy List that I love to share with you. Hope everyday is a happy blessing to you and to all.

My Birthday Wish List

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I can’t believe how time flies so fast. In two days, I’ll be celebrating my lovely birthday! From my last year’s birthday wish list, most of them have been granted and I couldn’t be happier.

Many things have changed, surpassed a lot of obstacles, meaningful relationships bloomed and continued love and blessings showered upon me. I just want to express how grateful I am to my creator for all of these and for introducing the people in my life to share these with.

Wearing a dress is a birthday tradition I intend to keep as well as making a birthday wish list. Here’s sharing my birthday wish list this year.

I wish to spend every birthday picnics with my darling B for always.

I wish to spend more quality time with my mom and little brother.

I wish to wear lots of killer shoes!

I wish to receive lots of pretty packages in the mail.

I wish to wear a tutu skirt.

I wish to travel more.

I wish to touch at least one heart, one soul.

I wish to tap on my creative world.

I wish to be a better person each and everyday.

I wish to cook and bake lots of delicious treats for loved ones to enjoy.

Photo Source: Brian Sahagun, weheartit