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Hooray Thursday: Birthday Party Inspirations

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Hooray Thursday is back! And today I’ll share inspirations for a party theme, decoration or pretty little details. November is my birthday month and so I am dedicating this post to everything about party and pretty set-up for a fabulous and pretty celebration !

{ i want a cupcake sparklers in my birthday cupcake! }

{ how cool to have a milkshake / ice cream bar?! }

{ canning jars to hold your desserts and cute little flower vase }

{ sweet and delectable treats }

{ table set-up with a touch of French prettiness }

{ picnic on the rooftop, anyone? }

{ how about a rustic-vintage theme? }

{ my dream. a dreamy outdoor party. }

All photo inspiration via my latest blog obsession, The Sweetest Occasion.

Canon Photomarathon 2010

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IMG_5496Canon Photomarathon 2010 is my first ever experience for a photography competition. It is a much-anticipated annual event that started as early as 2006 wherein Canon digital camera users whether amateurs, professionals, enthusiasts and hobbyists gather to compete for notable prizes. This contest actually lets you go out and take new photos within a specific area or location and with specified themes all throughout the event. Well-respected and renowned professional photographers in the country acted as panel of judges.

This year, Canon Photomarathon was held in three locations nationwide – Cebu City, Davao City and Metro Manila. My B invited me to join this year and I couldn’t be more excited to participate in this exciting event and start clicking away.


IMG_5584{ these balloons just showed up while we were walking trying to find a subject }


{ B even saw a mermaid during our photowalk! }


IMG_5619{ B and I took a break from the contest and enjoyed a scoop of ice cream and my chocolate milkshake which I super love! }


IMG_5681{ … and it wouldn’t be complete if we won’t ride this pretty carousel. *sigh love* }





IMG_5732It was a whole day event. It is tiring as much as it is fun. B and I had a different kind of bonding experience. Chocolate milkshake. Carousel ride. Lots of giveaways and prizes. Conquering my stage fright (i sung on stage during the singing contest while judges are still deliberating results). Meeting new friends. Lucky to be a part of this huge, successful event with over 1,000 participants. Overall, it is an event that you shouldn’t miss every year!

A big congratulations to all of the 2010 winners!!!

IMG_5704Thanks my B for inviting me and lending me your camera. *grin* And, thank you Canon!

Canon PhotoMarathon 2010 Album Manila Leg

A preview

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to the canon photomarathon 2010, manila leg. Great shot, B. *grin green*

hello, everyone! i. miss. you. and our regular blog post (which i hope to resume starting this week) *here’s to a more organize blog regimen*

B and i spent the weekend in the white house, helping out plan an adventure-filled Dora-themed birthday party for Jajie (a literally pretty little bouncing baby girl who will turn 1 year old on February 2011), tasting Tita Vilma’s uber delicious Picadillo (which i plan on attempting to cook at home. yum!) , a day (more like an afternoon) trip to Island Cove, almost getting too close to a parrot, having the pleasure of meeting new French friends (and learning some French word or two, which I will share with you very soon!) and a surprise creative project that i will be doing for a friend (details soon).

i can’t believe we’re already on the first half of the month! it’s only a little over a month shy away from everybody’s favorite season — christmas but.. i couldn’t be more excited with my birthday coming up real soon. we’re planning on some little pretty celebration. *blush*

lots of exciting events and creative projects to look forward to. and to those who are facing fears in their journey towards their creative life, i share this with you.

“Get on with your own creative life. Ideas are free. They don’t cost you a thing. You can live in the world of thought all the days of your life and never go broke.

You will also die unfulfilled, because an idea that never incarnates, that never becomes physical and grounded in this world, will eventually feel like the most painful burden you ever had to carry – one that you can never put down.

People who have had near death experiences report that there is indeed a life review that happens upon our death, and that a part of that life review is to make note of what could have been in our lives had we chose otherwise.

Falling into that category are all the creative opportunities the universe provided for us that we let fall by the wayside because our fears carried more authority within us than our faith.

Trust in the life support system that is inherent in your creative spirit. You will draw to yourself all that you need as you need it, but you must first be willing to risk it all.”

– Caroline Myss, best-selling author & speaker.

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun