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Raintree Teaspresso Blends

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30 July 2012, Monday

What happens when you have not seen your good friends… on a rainy day and you’re craving something yummy… and knowing you have missed a lot of new eats???

Answer: An afternoon full of impromptu food trippin’ along Katipunan!!!

First stop — Raintree Teaspresso Blends

Raintree Teaspresso Blends

Clang by the counter

Cafe display

French Macarons price list

“Excited” is an understatement of how I truly feel knowing that more and more cafes and even restaurants are offering this pretty treat — French Macarons! More and more flavors are coming out of the market and I’m ecstatic with the thought that I will try and complete all flavors being offered on the face of the earth!

Cupcakes and French Macarons

It was a rainy day and most school classes were suspended. It only means a jam-packed cafe and less food on display like these cupcakes and French Macarons.

My favorite Red Velvet cupcake and most of the other macaron flavors were sold out so I opted to take out their First Kiss cupcake at Php60 and Nutella Rocks at Php45.

I will go back when all their French Macarons are available and I will revel in them on one hand and a cup of their freshly brewed tea on the other hand.

Raintree Teaspresso Blends
141 Katipunan Avenue
St. Ignatius Village
1110 Quezon City, Philippines
Hours: Mon – Sat:11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Phone: 9904554/ 09328428927
Email: raintreeteapressoblends@ymail.com


Next stop — Manila Bake! Visit us again to read my post on it… *smiles*

2 August 2012 Update: Manila Bake post is up!

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