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Red Garlic Bistro Cafe: Flavors from around the world

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For my first “exclusive” invite, we went to try a sampling of dishes from the vast menu of Red Garlic Bistro Cafe. I’m delighted to know that they are offering distinct flavors from almost all over the world, inspired by the owners’ friendship and travels worldwide.

IMG_1697_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ Santiago Chili Taco Poppers Php255. Freshly hand-picked chili fingers from Ilocos, stuffed with Mexican taco filling wrapped with ed jalapeno dough. }


This is one of their bestsellers and I MUST AGREE! The taco shell doesn’t crumble down after every bite (it was a bright idea to use pizza dough as taco shell!), it’s spicy enough to crave some more and you gotta love the Mexican filling and pepper mill dip sauce made from scratch! Really “for-the-win”! And nobody knows the recipe aside from Chef Jacq!

IMG_1707_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ Pear Salad with Walnut and Bleu Cheese Php455. Poached fresh pear in Sweet-Wine with crumbled bleu cheese, dragon fruit, watermelon on top of fresh salad greens, served with Pom-Cran Vinaigrette. }

This is a new dish launched in their new branch in Fort (where they transferred from Katipunan area). Green salads are no longer foreign to me, in fact I’m loving eating salads now more than ever! …And it’s good that food places are offering different takes on this healthy salad by adding more and more fresh fruits with interesting dressings from the usual.

IMG_1712_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ Cajun Style Baby Back Ribs, Half Slab Php699. A choice of a slab rack of pork ribs expertly cooked to ensure they’re fall-off – the bones tender. Then we char-grilled then glazed with our Smoked Tangy Apple Bbq Sauce , served with Mashed Potatoes. }

It’s also good to note that Red Garlic seems to be the only restaurant that offers Beef Ribs. Can anyone confirm that? But from the restaurants I’ve tried before, it seems to be right because we’re always getting pork ribs.

IMG_1720_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ St. James Beef Rendang Php369. Tenderly simmered beef slowly cooked with mix of authentic premium Asian spices and ingredients in Thai coconut milk served with fragrant Jasmine rice. }

An Asian dish that was truly a surprise for me that night. I’m excited with everything with creamy and spicy sauce!

IMG_1726_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ Trio pizza Php659 }

Create your own sample with choice of three kinds of pizza. The ones we’ve tried are Basillica Con Tartuffo Fiorentina – Sauteed fresh mushrooms with grilled Italian sausages, topped with Fontina and Mozzarella, Torre Del Creco (shrimp & arugula) best seller – roasted Italian tomato, basil with sautéed rock shrimp, fresh arugula tossed in lime- vinaigrette garnish with Grana padano cheese and Cinco De Mayo (Five Cheese) – our very own Italian sauce with Mozzarella, Cheddar, Fontina, Ricotta Cheese and Parmesan Cheese topped with special herbs.

Truly a mouthful both for their names and their taste!

IMG_1731_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ Red Garlic Signature Roll Php495. Tamago, softshell crab, ebi tempura and fried tempura roll. }

Japanese is my new favorite cuisine. This is one of their bestsellers and their version is huge!!! Also did you notice that their version has a topping aside from just filling?! And this maki roll comes with spicy mango cream (which they say is Dra Vicky Belo’s favorite). Makis are my new favorite food in the world!!!

And a full meal would not be complete without the sweets. Always, always leave room for desserts!

IMG_1734_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ Lava cake Php275. Served with a choice of Vanilla or Raspeberry ice cream. }


{ Warm Bread Pudding with Sabayon Vanilla Sauce Php215 }

It’s not only a night of food tasting but also drink tasting too! Check out what they have to offer to quench your thirst and I guarantee you — these mocktails and lemonades are really interesting and colorful drinks that made me feel like I’m on the beach, by the sand, with any of these drinks on hand! O ha, rhyming yun ah! They’re consistent with their fusion theme all the way to the drinks.

IMG_1740_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ Bermuda triangle drink Php160. Mix of orange, mango and cranberry }

IMG_1741_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ Pink sparkling lemonade drink Php155. Pink lemonade with Sierra Mist, sweet and sour and mint }

IMG_1745_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ Blue Margarita drink }

IMG_1750_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ Mai Thai drink }

From Katipunan they moved to Fort and opened last 22 April and one of the “new” things they are trying is converting it into a bar between 10pm-1am with a disc jockey! Perfect partner with their line up of drinks.

Truly, eating here is like traveling around the world because of the different cuisine and variety of dishes you can order from their menu and I think that is part of their “edge”.


Special thanks to Ms. Bing Benares, Restaurant Manager and Jacq Yap, Chef — for this awesome awesome dinner and drinks! AND photo credits to Brian Sahagun!

Red Garlic Bistro Cafe
Two Parkade, 7th Avenue, 30th Street,
Bonifacio Global City
+02 856 2822


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