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Saturday church and thrifting

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Saturday morning was dedicated to visit the church and say our prayers. It has been years since I went to church with Brian and I am just so happy to be going with him. I truly believe that we need Him at the center of our lives. And I find peace going to church and just lifting it all up to Him.

Tons of photos from our weekend.

{ train ride to the church. how could i not love B’s apt, it’s near everywhere! }

{ purple train is bigger in width than mrt }

{ me and my huge head }

{ buying eggs to offer to the nuns of St. Clare church }

{ leaving nine copies of the novena prayer in front of St. Clare }

{ writing my prayer intentions to be prayed by the nuns and my pink offerings }

{ devotees writing their prayer intentions }

{ our very own version of ‘tourist-y’ photos }

This monastery is where nuns of the Order of Saint Clare of Assisi (usually called Poor Clares) lead a life of prayer and contemplation, having renounced the world and earthly possessions. The church is a lovely cream-colored building that is very much in the mold of Spanish-built mission churches in California, U.S.A. Carrying on an old tradition, people often come here with offerings (usually eggs) and ask the saintly nuns to pray for good weather. I prayed for more love. *smiles*

Monasterio de Santa Clara
Katipunan Avenue and Aurora Boulevard
Quezon City, Manila, Philippines
Tel: +63 2 524 7141 (PTA)

Saturday day-out won’t be complete without scouring Araneta Center for new food, for thrift stores and ‘jackpot’ finds. And a pleasant surprise are always welcome.

{ saw my office friends from previous work – L-R: Dheynee and Joy. nice surprise! }

There was a lot of new fast-food chains sprouted in the area and we were inclined to try them out. First stop – Mandarin Wok.

{ Salt and pepper porkchop, shanghai rolls, canton noodles with jasmine rice and drink combo Php249 }

After eating our ‘uber’ late lunch, it is now time for thrifting! I’ve been dying to go thrifting for a while now and so I couldn’t be more excited.

For those of you who are into vintage and thrift finds and who passes by Cubao in Quezon City, try to visit MSM Surplus. They’ve got lots of different items that I’m sure will excite you.

{ mom would totally love this little horsey }

Aside from MSM Surplus, there is Cubao X that has a lot of little thrift / vintage shops and sprouting new resto / hang out places. It’s  a quaint little world inside a pocket of a bustling city.

Don’t you just love the yellow lights on their window display? Lots and lots of vintage items, I die. In love.

And naturally after that exhausting trip to the thrift stores, we have gone hungry (with smiles on our faces!). Earlier for lunch we wanted to try Carver’s but didn’t go because we didn’t like the ‘crowd’ drinking beers in the afternoon. So when we passed by looking for dinner, Alas! we noticed that the place cleared up and we can now try their food.

I am not sure though if it was good or bad since we didn’t like their food! We ordered their strip steaks and chicken. And the food tasted like it was cooked since the day before. It wasn’t fresh at all. So I’d say it was a good thing. Why? Because we fed the urge to try it and finally found out that it is nothing to rave about nor to go back to.

And finally, our precious finds!

Great finds. Now I already want to go thrifting. Anyone? 😛

Thank you for reading. XO.

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun

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    Scrambled egg, poached egg, boiled egg, raw egg. It’s what’s for breakfast.

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      I should live in the monastery. I love egg breakfasts except raw egg.

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