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When I heard of the book 50 Shades of Grey by E L James, I was clueless thinking it might be just another classical romance novel which revolves in the building of a romantic relationship between the hero and the heroine. But no… Basing on the hype and the buzz it has created, I believe that it’s more than just that. When one reader mentioned that as the heroine discovers the man she’s involved with as the story progressed, she also explores her own desires — made me think about the possible discovery I’ll make if I embark in the journey of reading this book. I know that it’s made a controversy because of the element of BDSM but this should not limit myself from being interested to read this book.

What is sensuality?

This topic, however, posed the question — what is sensuality? And I found a suitable definition that I can agree with…

“Sensuality is an enjoyment of the pleasure we receive through our five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Although each of these can be experienced in a sexual context, they can also be enjoyed in a totally non-sexual way.”

“Sensuality means to be aroused by things of beauty, luxury and refinement, to be aware of and explore the world, life and love with all the senses. To be sensual is to be aware of and appreciate the natural, ecstasy that can be found in the sensuous, passionate world of feeling, inhabited by poets, artists, song writers and dreamers. Being sensual brings to us a life felt through our senses, seen only in the world of spirit.”

What is sensuality to you?

Have you read the book? How did you like it?


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