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Hooray Thursday: New Year’s Resolution 2014

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 Project Couple Selfie _ Day1{ Project 365: Couple Selfie, Day 1 }

New Year’s Resolution 2014

1) Project365 – couple selfie a day

2) Cook new recipe, twice a month

3) Date night, once a week

4) Create postcards, once a month

5) Write love letters, once a week

6) Visit our moms, once or twice a month

7) Take on a creative project (e.g. movie posters), once a month

8) Print photos for frames, twice a month

9) Sleep early, get up early

10) Exercise and be fit

Do you believe in having a New Year’s Resolution? What’s yours?



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    As it turns out, we can not selfie a day or else most of my shots would be topless.

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