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Feel The Love

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"Sometimes a hug is worth more than a thousand words."

“Sometimes a hug is worth more than a thousand words.”

Manic Monday reflection – what makes you feel loved?

At first, the posted question sounded easy, and I knew it would be easy for me to answer. Although as I pondered my answer through it, there are just too many levels, ways and people that make me feel loved.

But then there is this one person who emerges in my thoughts, and to whom I am extremely grateful for making me feel most loved, my husband. Ever since we were boyfriends-girlfriends, I appreciate how much he is attuned with my needs — as a woman, as a person, and as his partner. He understands my need for his full attention to the present; my need for an embrace in replacement of more word battle; my need for an open communication line and my need for little dates from time to time.

Pregnancy Diary: 20 Weeks and 3 Days

Adoring my baby bump at 20 weeks and 3 days.

Now that we are first-time doting expectant parents, I look back from the time that we were trying to conceive, and realized that from the beginning of this pregnancy, it was a conscious decision on both our parts to start our little family. My husband never misses a single step in supporting me. From preparing my milk day and night to satisfying my food cravings. He is always present in all of my prenatal checkups and was my cheerer before I took my OGTT and CAS because I was too nervous. And oh, how can I forget, he makes me laugh till I cry.

Baby Practice

Our first breastfeeding class. We are excited parents!

And just this past weekend, he joined me in attending our first breastfeeding class. Together we learned the many benefits of breastfeeding our baby, the perfect latch and the different breastfeeding positions.

So to quite simply answer the question “What makes you feel loved?”, I would have to say being present at each precious moment, facing the many joys and scares of pregnancy, and consciously preparing for the arrival of our baby, together. This is what makes me feel most loved.

What makes you feel loved? I would love to hear your story.




8 Comments on Feel The Love

  1. So sweet. I feel loved by my family. The understanding they give to me and my flaws is priceless. 🙂

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  2. you are one very lucky woman.. 🙂 What a cute family.. =)

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  3. Aw. So much love in this posts and photos.
    I feel loved when people make time for me as my language of love is time and service I guess.

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  4. That feeling. That excitement having a baby. O_O

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  5. For me, the little things lang. A text from the husband (though this is quite rare because we’re together almost 24/7!) can make me super kilig. Or a call from him asking how I am or the kids when we’re out without him. Things like that like. I like the kilig stuff.

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  6. aw this post makes me miss my hubby 🙂 we’re so blessed to have a sweet husband. love,love,love!

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  7. lovely couple! Those photos are the sweetest. Keep the fire burning. 😀

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  8. Amen to being present! Anytime my husbandry shows that he is really there for me, no matter what, it really makes me feel loved. 🙂

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