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Sprinkles & Crumbs

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One time after a leisure stroll in the mall, I craved for dessert. Cupcake tops my list of go-to dessert options but I felt sad when I remembered that Frostings Cupcakes is no longer available in Edsa Shangri-La Mall. My eyes widen when I saw Sprinkles & Crumbs’ too-cute-for-words little corner just right across National Bookstore located in the ground floor of the mall!

Sprinkles & Crumbs Cupcakes

They have decadent-looking chocolates too! And another thing my eyes loved about this cupcake haven is the cute heart boxes and little house boxes they use to house your cupcakes or chocolates. It’s just an eye candy!

Their cupcake price ranges from Php40 to Php70 depending on the flavor.

My take-home cupcake is red velvet, of course!

Have a sweet day! xo

Photo Credit: Brian Sahagun

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