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St. Nicholas Restaurant

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I had the privilege to visit a newly-opened dining place in Mandaluyong’s which offers sweet and savory dishes at a very affordable price, St. Nicholas. It was a nice and complete dining experience as the chef and restaurateur, Nick Pelaez, shared the history behind his restaurant, the inspiration behind its eclectic ambiance and the delectable dishes served generously to us.

St. Nicholas started as a catering service for 10 years before they gave in to customers’ demand to make it into a restaurant which opened just last April which they can visit anytime they crave for good food, good service at a good rate.

The ambiance strike me as a whimsical, eccentric, food haven that offers affordable Filipino cuisine.


{ Nick with Buddha }

I’m certain that most Pinoys know about Tapsilog, Longsilog, Hotsilog etc etc. But have you tried Cursilog — Chicken Curry + sinaing (rice) + itlog (fried egg)? Ok so this is not exactly how they call this dish but you get me right?! Chicken Curry and other savory dishes served just like Tapsilog. YUUUM!!!

Kanin Sa Mangkok / Rice Toppings Dishes

(top-left) Sinigang na Baboy Php199, (bottom-left) Adobong Crocodile Meat, (top-right) Adobo sa Dilaw, (bottom-right) Beef Caldereta

These rice toppings dishes are all below Php100 while these other scrumptious dishes are below Php300. Totally affordable for well-prepared and delicious food!

If you’re craving for Filipino dishes that doesn’t hurt your pocket, visit St. Nicholas!

{ With chef and restaurateur, Nick Pelaez }

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    Wonderful food shots! I loved my visit of St. Nicholas for its dreamlike ambiance.

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      Thanks, Karl! And thanks to Brian for the food shots. 😀 There’s Part 2 tomorrow featuring the sweet treats & Civet at St. Nicholas. 🙂

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