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Stella and Rocket Room are brainchild of Raintree Restaurants owned by a Filipino-Polish restaurateur who are also the creator of other superb restaurants namely Chelsea Market & Cafe, MoMo Cafe, Mr. Jones, Museum Cafe and the newest addition on their growing list – Kabila Filipino Bistro (beside the new Museum Cafe in Ayala Museum Complex Greenbelt 4). Each restaurant lends a unique concept and target.


Opened last May 2012, Stella is a wood-fired bistro that offers a full array of delights peppered with tastes true to the West Coast, the Mediterranean and South America with an influence of European cuisine. The bistro, prominently located in Bonifacio High Street Central, makes use of natural wood in its dishes, imparting the most flavorful aromas unlike any other cooking technique.

IMG_4956_web_1200{ View upon entering Stella }

Stella’s interior is inviting, simple yet fresh on the eyes. Ideal for brunches with colleagues, working ladies who lunch and friends or family get-together dinners.


Stella is envisioned to be the Star restaurant among all the other establishments in Fort Bonifacio area. See their one star above? *grin* They craft high quality dishes using fresh harvests and mostly organic ingredients. Stella provides sustainable handcrafted cuisine kept fresh and simple.

Rocket Room on the other-hand, is a bar lounge-slash-cafe which is just adjacent Stella.

IMG_4951_web_1200{ View upon entering Rocket Room }

Rocket Room’s set-up is perfect for having small bites of antipasti or their tapas, drinking mixed liquor or lounging during coffee break or after work hours. It is still open in the late hours even after Stella closes.


It houses a remarkable selection of wines, beers and infused cocktails. With it’s vivid and outré interiors elaborately designed lends a retro vibe to your every hangout.

Stella and Rocket Room were strategically separated and designed differently to accommodate diverse target markets – Stella for families and casual diners and Rocket Room for yuppies and professionals. But you may order dishes from Stella and vice versa.

Food On Our Table

While waiting for our main orders, they served us their complimentary bread and roasted Tomato and garlic with pesto dip. And then…

They first served Stella’s drinks.

IMG_4239_dpp_web_1200{ In no particular order: Peach Lemonade, Buko & Lychee, Passion Fruit Lemonade, Berry and Banana, Raspberry Enchinacea }

IMG_4250_dpp_web_1200{ Roasted Sweet Tomatoes & “Pesto Rustica”. Php195. Cherry, Beefsteak, Native Tomatoes topped with fresh Rizal Dairy Mozzarella, Malagos Ricotta and Thai Basil }

IMG_4251_dpp_web_1200{ Melted Spanish Chorizo “Bruschetta”. Php195. Shishito Peppers, Malagos Pecorino, Melted Rizal Dairy Mozzarella }

IMG_4254_dpp_web_1200{ Pressed “Excellente” Special Ham. Php375. Crispy Pears, Arugula, Thai Basil, Tomatoes, Passion Fruit Vinaigrette }

IMG_4255_dpp_web_1200Spicy Gambas “Chino”. Php350. River Prawns, Chiles, Pimenton Dust, Szechuan Black Pepper, Fried Garlic, Fresh Lemon }

IMG_4256_dpp_web_1200{ The Stella Salad. Php295. Butter Lettuce, Crispy Bacon, Sundried Tomato Bits, Candied Rosemary Pistachios, Buttermilk Chive-Ranch Dressing, Malagos Pecorino }

IMG_4259_dpp_web_1200{ Bone Marrow. P395. Rosemary Sultana Compote, Gremolata, Herb Garlic Focaccia Crisps }

IMG_4260_dpp_web_1200{ Roasted Seafood “Firecracker” Fusilli. Php395. Spicy Olive & Smokey Sundried Tomato Cream, Dried Chiles, Fire Roasted Seafood, Fresh Herbs, Malagos Ricotta }

IMG_4261_dpp_web_1200{ Fire Roasted Truffled Mushroom. P350. Porcini “Dust”, Fresh Herbs, Malagos Ricotta }

IMG_4264_dpp_web_1200{ Butcher’s Best. Php325. Homemade Garlic-Fennel Sausage, Double-Smoked Bacon, Pepperoni, Red Onions, Fennel Dust, Fresh Rizal Dairy Mozzarella }

IMG_4266_dpp_web_1200{ Stella’s Porchetta. Php395. Pork Belly Roll stuffed with Double-Smoked Bacon, Fennel, Herbs served with warm Rosemary Sultana Sauce }


{ Braised “Sticky & Sweet” U.S.  Beef Short Ribs. Php495. Spicy Sesame Glaze, Grilled Leeks, “Kimchi” Pineapples }

IMG_4271_dpp_web_1200{ Salt Baked Gindara Fillet (400g). Php395. Light Dill-Citrus Cream, Citrus Bits }

IMG_4272_dpp_web_1200{ Spanish Chorizo Stuffed Prawns (6pcs.). Php520. Garlic Slivers, Herb and Pernod Butter Breadcrumbs, Fresh Lemon }

IMG_4273_dpp_web_1200{ Spanish Chorizo & Garlic Fried Rice. Php95. Topped with fried garlic and fresh herbs }

IMG_4275_dpp_web_1200{ Wood Fired Broccoli & Cauliflower. Php195. Topped with Malagos Pecorino & Olive Oil }

IMG_4276_dpp_web_1200{ Fire Roasted Butter Corn. Php75. Porchetta Bits, Peas and Onions. }

IMG_4277_dpp_web_1200{ Wood Fired Roasted Rosemary  Potatoes. Php95. Sea salt, olive oil, pimenton dust}

IMG_4278_dpp_web_1200{  Stella’s Wood Fired Chocolate Almond Cookie Dough. P195. Salted Caramel, Rosemary Pistachios & Topped with Mantecado Ice Cream. }

Overall it was a satisfying and fulfilling lunch filled with great wood-fired flavors. All the staff were knowledgeable with their menu and pleasant. The price is relatively cheaper comparing it with other restaurants in Bonifacio High Street Central area.

As for the food, my favorites are Melted Spanish Chorizo “Bruschetta”, Fire Roasted Truffled Mushroom, Braised “Sticky & Sweet” U.S.  Beef Short Ribs and Salt Baked Gindara Fillet. I’d definitely go back to eat more of these with my B and family.

IMG_4283_dpp_web_1200Stella Wood Fired Bistro and Rocket Room
7th Ave. corner 29th St. South,
Ground Floor, East Superblock
Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Telephone Number: +632 621 3222
Facebook: Stella & Rocket Room
Operating Hours: Daily 11.30am to 2.00am


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