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Sunshine Kitchen

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IMG_7187{ Key Lime Pie Ice Cream Php240 }

This might be THE most perfect Monday post — my Sunshine Kitchen experience (to shoo away Monday blues)! I will start backwards by sharing this amazingly delicious ice cream for dessert — Key Lime Pie Ice Cream. I didn’t know what flavor it was so when it was served I thought “just another vanilla ice cream” given that it’s white… BUT to my surprise, it’s lime PLUS the texture of the crushed crackers (I suppose) blended perfectly well with the soft but not-easy-to-melt ice cream. It’s such a good play on the texture and taste. Truly the most “pasabog” surprise for me at Sunshine Kitchen.

I “roam” around while waiting for our festivity to start and here is how this foodie place looks like.


They have a sleek bar. And loads of beers to choose from. Too bad I missed to take up-close photo of the beers but we might see them again in person. Date soon, my B?




Now let the foodie virtual tour begin. We started with three appetizers and here are two that stuck with me, especially this one. It’s deliciously paired with their freshly baked bread rolls. AND this BREAD ROLLS – ugh! Seriously delicious!

IMG_7168{ Creamy Crab and Shrimp Dip with Artichokes Php380 }

IMG_7166{ Marinated Whiting Php290. Garlic, lemon juice, wine vinegar and olive oil }

IMG_7169{ Fresh Orange Juice Php160 }

IMG_7170{ Mint Cooler Php160 }

IMG_7178{ 6 Hour Slow Rost Porchetta Php480, good for sharing }

This is another reason I need to go back. It stayed perfectly crunchy even if it was just sitting on the table, waiting its turn to be devoured. I’m such a carnivore! No wonder why I’m healthy-chubby-looking.


IMG_7184{ Myta’s Pizza Php480. Marinara sauce, ricotta, bell peppers, Cabanatuan longganisa }



Special thanks to Sunshine Kitchen management for having us for this special dinner!


Sunshine Kitchen
2nd Floor Fort Pointe Bldg 1,
The Fort Strip, Global City
0928 8212625


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