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As I mentioned on Facebook earlier, I graduated and was certified at makeup school yesterday. Hooray!!! Such a happy and eventful day but before I share some of our “graduation” photos, let me share a bridal makeup look for day / morning wedding.

Fresh, sweet, classic with a dash of that fabled “bridal glow” for that timeless beauty.

Day 9 – Bridal MakeUp for Morning Wedding

Model: Mhavel Karlah

Before Pic: Mhavel Karlah

After Pic: Mhavel Karlah

After (Closed eyes)
After Pic: Mhavel Karlah

My model already has a good skin. All I had to do was to add some splash of neutral and pinkish colors to compliment her beauty.

Although I’ve noticed that all my “before & after photo series” I’ve shared here on the blog does not show the colors I’m seeing in person! I took photos without flash in the hopes that it doesn’t wash out the colors but somehow it still did. But anyway, I’m sure you can still see how pretty the ladies are. *smiles*


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