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Swoon: Collections by Jaycelle

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Just very recently I have rediscovered my passion for designing fashion accessories. I’ve always loved laces, golds and everything dainty and decided that my first collection should exude that same aura. While creating my first batch of accessories, a fun word that me and my B used a lot in the past to make ourselves roar in laughter popped — Swoon. (If you only knew how B used to mock me by uttering this word in a girly and flirty fashion not to mention his acting and hand gestures — “I d-i-e. S-w-o-o-n!” you will die in laughter too. Promise!

Swoon ‘swün; verb – to become enraptured <swooning with joy>

Swoon: Collections by Jaycelle
I knew instantly that this is what I wanted to name my first accessories collection.

Freesia Earrings
{ Freesia Earrings }

Lace Fern Earrings
{ Lace Fern Earrings }

Pink Mink Earrings
{ Pink Mink Orange Wink Earrings }

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Many thanks to Brian Sahagun for the pretty little logo and actual product shoot among others. Thank you to all who continue to inspire me to unleash the artsy fartsy side of me! *smiles*

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