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Soda Fountain

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Third day into my stay-at-home act doing errands and working on backlogs on personal projects, I accomplished editing 12-days worth of photos (5 more days worth of photos from October and 7 days worth from November 2011)! I am so proud of myself! *woot woot*

At night, my B picked me up for some much-needed time outside the house! To reward myself and to finally see the world again! *laughs*

While doing our grocery shopping, B asked me to close my eyes and walk behind him. I’m thinking what could be his surprise?… inside the grocery store?!… He didn’t say a word aside from “..just close your eyes and walk behind me..”.

A minute or two after, he stopped and asked me to open my eyes… and to my surprise… BOOM!

B discovered a little diner inside the grocery store. Isn’t the idea SO COOL?!

Soda Fountain{ Soda Fountain Diner }

I love vintage. I love retro. I love diner. I love Coke. So basically, I love everything this little diner is all about. ♥ ♥ ♥

Imagine good ól diner playing ’60s music in the background like that of my love, Beatles, while enjoying my fries, hotdog sandwich and that ice cold Coke! I was instantly transported back to the past. But I’m more hoping this is the look of the future. *le sigh*

Soda Fountain Menu{ Straight to the point Menu }

Little girl at the Diner.
My B at Soda Fountain{ B at Soda Fountain }

Classic Coke print ad. Love it!!! Hotdog with cheese sauce combo meal!{ Hotdog with cheese sauce combo meal! Php88/meal. }

J at Soda Fountain

{ J at Soda Fountain }

Soda Fountain
Inside Shopwise, Araneta Cubao

Saturday church and thrifting

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Saturday morning was dedicated to visit the church and say our prayers. It has been years since I went to church with Brian and I am just so happy to be going with him. I truly believe that we need Him at the center of our lives. And I find peace going to church and just lifting it all up to Him.

Tons of photos from our weekend.

{ train ride to the church. how could i not love B’s apt, it’s near everywhere! }

{ purple train is bigger in width than mrt }

{ me and my huge head }

{ buying eggs to offer to the nuns of St. Clare church }

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KKK Food Revolution

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One restaurant in SM Cubao caught our attention when we were in search for new eats to try.

KKK has an indigenous interiors that makes an interesting ambiance.

{ blue bottle chandeliers }

I learned that it is a Kapampangan restaurant with a twist of Thai. Very interesting concept to incorporate two of my favorite cuisine.

His: Inihaw na Liempo, Bacon Cut Php230

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Va’ Pensiero

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Part 2.

A day in the life of Rain and Play. Bow.

Right after that ‘red mango experience‘, we headed to Big Apple Express Spa in Gateway Mall in Cubao to have our long awaited full body massage. My shoulder and back have been in so much pain for the longest time and a soothing massage is in order.

We chose the Manhattan full body massage priced at Php299.

And what comes next after that relaxing massage? A good Italian dinner.

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