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#LittleAdamBryce is happy to receive this Baby Dove basket of goodies
#LittleAdamBryce at 26-months, who is happy to receive his Baby Dove care package

Motherhood update at 26-months

Despite being a mother for already 2-years-and-2-months, you would think I’m acing motherhood like a pro. Contrary though, I still feel like a newbie just like when Bryce was a newborn baby. I still struggle, daily. Although the issues probably change per day, I couldn’t say if it’s getting better or worse.

Bryce looks guilty for scribbling crayon on mommy's white chair
Bryce looks guilty for scribbling crayon on mommy’s white chair

Just the normal world of motherhood — the joys, the laughter, the challenges, the frustrations and the in-betweens.