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Happy List: Hello BER months!!!

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1. 1st September is the first day of my favorite quarter of the year!!!
2. Realization: I miss blogging — so I’m back (again!)
3. Tita Vi’s Seafood Gata and the fact that I now know how to eat crabs efficiently on my own *wink*
4. A little date at Old Swiss Inn
5. A box of beauty-happiness from L’Occitane
6. Chanel makeover
7. The gift of health
8. THE moment when we “rehearsed” our “vows” during one of the many marriage seminars, looking at each other’s eye felt like we touched each other’s souls and we both got teary-eyed! *true story*

Happy September 1st, everyone!!!

Soda Fountain

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Third day into my stay-at-home act doing errands and working on backlogs on personal projects, I accomplished editing 12-days worth of photos (5 more days worth of photos from October and 7 days worth from November 2011)! I am so proud of myself! *woot woot*

At night, my B picked me up for some much-needed time outside the house! To reward myself and to finally see the world again! *laughs*

While doing our grocery shopping, B asked me to close my eyes and walk behind him. I’m thinking what could be his surprise?… inside the grocery store?!… He didn’t say a word aside from “..just close your eyes and walk behind me..”.

A minute or two after, he stopped and asked me to open my eyes… and to my surprise… BOOM!

B discovered a little diner inside the grocery store. Isn’t the idea SO COOL?!

Soda Fountain{ Soda Fountain Diner }

I love vintage. I love retro. I love diner. I love Coke. So basically, I love everything this little diner is all about. ♥ ♥ ♥

Imagine good ól diner playing ’60s music in the background like that of my love, Beatles, while enjoying my fries, hotdog sandwich and that ice cold Coke! I was instantly transported back to the past. But I’m more hoping this is the look of the future. *le sigh*

Soda Fountain Menu{ Straight to the point Menu }

Little girl at the Diner.
My B at Soda Fountain{ B at Soda Fountain }

Classic Coke print ad. Love it!!! Hotdog with cheese sauce combo meal!{ Hotdog with cheese sauce combo meal! Php88/meal. }

J at Soda Fountain

{ J at Soda Fountain }

Soda Fountain
Inside Shopwise, Araneta Cubao

Welcome, 2012!

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Happy New Year 2012!A new year postcard from my B and yours truly! *woot woot*

It’s been quiet this part of town for quite a while and I know I have a lot of playing catch-up to do around here. Juggling from busy work schedule, personal projects to accomplish, organizing and attending parties left and right, last-minute Christmas shopping and wrapping — it can be pretty crazy during the holidays. But the busy-ness of the holiday 2011 is behind us now and this New Year I am hoping to be more visible here via regular posting.

 It’s true what they say that we can change at any time, but I personally love using the momentum and symbolism of the New Year to bring about a whole new wave of change.

I know you will agree that most of us seem to always want to wait for some sign, some moment of inspiration or some significant occasion to change – and here it is, the year 2012. As we step into a brand new year, we have the chance to create a new life, a better life at that, a life where we value and love ourselves completely, a life filled with happiness, love and excitement.

Here’s to an enchanting, sunny, brand new year!

2012 is OUR year so let’s CLAIM it!