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Berry Blue Friday

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{ Berry Blue Cheesecake }

{ Holla from the Geek chic! }

{ BonTea Jasmine Green Tea }

My daily routine as of late while on vacation will soon change back to the working-chic routine. That’s why, I’m meticulously spending my last Friday before reporting back to work doing things that felt luxuriously relaxing like visiting a nearby mall, reading my favorite blogs while munching on low-fat cheesecake and sipping Jasmine green tea.

{ B and J }

{ Colorful fruits in baskets }

{ Podium Mall }

{ Bouquet of flowers }

Simple pleasures in life I aim to do often.
Life is good!

Triple Date in Eastwood

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May 28, 2010, Friday.

Friday night is date night for me and my B with some of our couple friends. Even the little accidents a.k.a. hassles and the heavy rain didn’t stop us from mingling and spending dinner and some cocktails with our friends.

Off to Eastwood we go!

It is a Friday and we’re going to the closest hang out place in the area (meaning there will be a LOT of people) and so we want to make sure that we’ll have sure seats on any of the restos. I checked clickthecity for list of restaurants in Eastwood. Found and made reservations at Il Pirata. (But I think their list isn’t updated with the new restos from a relatively new mall, Eastwood Mall.)