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Sweet Ecstacy

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This is my favorite painting amongst those on display at Sweet Ecstacy Milkshake + Cookie place.

IMG_6571Welcome to Sweet Ecstacy!

As promised I will share this Al Galang’s baby, Sweet Ecstacy, with you but since I am running out of time before midnight, here’s a sneak peak for now but I will return tomorrow with a bit of a virtual tour of this quirky arts place + cafe hang out place.

Good night for now. xo

UPDATED: 8 May 2013, Wednesday

I’ve passed by Sweet Ecstacy a couple of times in Cubao X and it seemed like a milkshake place, which I eventually found out that it really is indeed a milkshake + cookie place!


IMG_6565And currently, they are also serving burgers! Which I have yet to try.. maybe after November *smirks*


IMG_6568I love the simplicity and casual-feel it exudes with some vintage elements like these posters plus the use of red and white colors. Feels so retro!


IMG_6580Another element that gave this place an interesting feel are the paintings that are displayed. My B and I love anything and everything artsy and this place seem to fit the bill. Plus a somewhat extensive milkshake and cookie line up under their belt doesn’t hurt. That could only mean frequent visits to try different milkshake + cookie combination, not to mention instant destress session just by admiring the paintings that will be exhibited from time to time.


IMG_6589And this is what I’ve tried — Nutella + Chocolate Chip Cookie!!! It’s moist, it’s soft, it’s sweet, it’s heavenly! Only thing missing is a cup of fresh milk (if only I hadn’t gulped down a huge glass of warm calamansi juice from the neighboring resto)!


Milkshake + Cookie place that offers beer? Hmmm… yes… and that’s my B’s preferred drink (instead of milk). *laughs*

Interestingly, they have this Cerveza Negra shake (and part of the top selling shakes!) which I’m urging my B to try, but he refused. I will have to schedule another milkshake + cookie date just so we can try that!


{ His view }

IMG_6605{ Her view }

Alan’s Grill

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Recently we’ve been pulled towards Cubao X a lot more than I’ve expected and like the usual, we are on the look out for some new place to try. We first saw a place which seemed like a writer’s bar without the library but with the dark sexy appeal to it. Their staff directed us to Alan’s Grill though when we asked where we could dine for dinner.

Alan's GrillIt is a usual drinking place but we realized that there is not much restaurant in this little place where we can eat so we had to settle. And since I missed to eat this pork dish called Chuchifrito from NACI, I’ve been craving for this or something similar and this did not disappoint to satisfy my hunger for pork meat!

Fried chicken{ His: Classic Fried Chicken }

Pork chop{ Hers: Porkchop }

Pale{ San Miguel Pale Pilsen beer }

Marcos and Aquino

We chatted the night away, reminiscing about how we started being “friends” and even before we started dating. And boy was I surprised that there are discrepancies on our memories! *laughs* This needs to be resolved before our big day! We don’t want to share conflicting stories about our love life. *laughs*

From reminiscing to appreciating art works… We’re off to Sweet Ecstacy! To be continued tomorrow…

Have a happy Monday! xo

Dining at Bellini’s

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One Thursday evening, My B and I needed to go to the groceries but had to go to dinner first. I thought we would stop by our usual comfort-food-comfort-place but B surprisingly asked to have dinner in Cubao X. Since we haven’t dined together at Bellini’s, that’s our hot spot to dine, finally.


IMG_0645_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ As you enter, you will see tons of photos on the right wall… probably of Italian celebrities… }

IMG_0646_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ The guitar man made our dining relaxing too! }

IMG_0654_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ Didn’t realize that this place is huge! You can have a get together here esp if you love the colorful space and the food.. }

IMG_0656_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ Tower of Pisa is displayed all over Bellini’s in different art forms }

IMG_0660_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ With my date as we wait for our orders }


You won’t feel trapped in this space because of the paintings all over the place — the walls, the ceilings, practically everywhere. They assumed the colors of the rainbow and it would feel like you are really in a different country.

IMG_0668_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ Desserts and wine would probably go to our must-try list for next visit… }

IMG_0676_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ Painting on the ceiling }

On The Table

IMG_0688_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ His: Bellini’s Special Pizza Php250. This is a thin crust pizza with the usual toppings except they added eggplant for a twist. }

IMG_0689_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ Hers: Pesto pasta with grilled chicken Php400. }

Whenever I can’t decide which to order, my default order (if available) would have to be the pesto pasta with grilled chicken. With that said, it means I have tried and loved pesto pasta from different restaurants. And so… This is the most surprising element of the night! As soon as I took a bite of the pasta, it wasn’t al dente. The sauce was nothing special too. Although the chicken was a bit better than the last I’ve tasted, only because it has the right amount of saltiness to it. But that’s about all there is to it. Even though I wasn’t satisfied, I made my way to finish the last piece on my plate.

But that only backfired when we got the bill and found out that since they do not offer this pasta combo (pesto pasta with grilled chicken), that particular order was a special order which also has a special price of a whopping Php400!

I was about to let go of it but the thing that I hated the most was they weren’t trained to at least inform the dining customers that if they are ordering a “special combination”, it was on a special rate too. Although eating that pasta certainly did not taste special at all!

But… since nothing can be done anymore, we just had to pay our orders with two mental notes: 1) I will ensure that if I am ordering something that’s out of the menu, I will inquire if it will cost me more… and 2) If on the first bite I am not satisfied, I will immediately inform them, so as not to just settle and eventually backfired on me!

IMG_0691_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ By the counter, with the names of the chef owners painted on the wall }

Although there were some mishaps, I was happy with our dining experience because of the guitar man singing on the background and the colorful paintings. With the food, I just wish I would be able to try something that is really delicious that would wipe off my memory of their expensive pesto pasta.

Have you tried this resto? How was your experience? I would love to know!

For more photos of Bellini’s in Cubao X, visit A Stormy Sky’s Flickr. Beautiful photos!

Bellini’s Italian Restaurant
Marikina Shoe Expo (Cubao Expo)
Gen. Romulo Ave., Brgy. Soccoro, Cubao, Quezon City
Telephone: +63 2 913 2550

Cubao X

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hooray! i finally have the photos of Cubao X from my B from our little date.

galleries, cafes, vintage stores, antique shops, bookshops, shoe shops, old salon, Italian restaurant and other quirky stores surround this little complex. when you’re inside it feels as if you’re in a different world, a different time, away from the hustle and bustle of the metro (although it’s situated inside Cubao, Q.C.).

Cubao X
Cubao X
MBS, Cubao X{ MBS }

Karma, Cubao X{ K.A.R.M.A }

Cubao X{ Life is a party }

Cubao X{ Life is a party, Heima }

Cubao XCubao X

Bellini's, Cubao X{ Bellini’s Italian Restaurant }

Cubao X
Green Halo, Cubao X{ Green Halo }

Art 19B, Cubao X{ Art 19B }

Pablo, Cubao X{ Pablo }

Thrift House Angel Spirits, Cubao Xfor more photos, please visit here.

Photos by Brian Sahagun.

do you have any discoveries in Cubao X that you want to share? send them in. i’d love to know more about this nice place.

hope you’re enjoying your Halloween weekend! *we’re watching lots of American Horror Story down here and it freaks me out ALOT!*

A little date in CubaoX

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September 20, 2011

on one of our little dates, my B invited me to go to Cubao X. it has always been a fascinating place to go because of its vintage, old-world-feel to it. i can’t remember the last time we were here but every time we visit i am reminded of how charming it is to be in this place.

galleries, cafes, vintage stores, antique shops, bookshops, shoe shops, old salon, Italian restaurant and other quirky stores surround this little complex. when you’re inside it feels as if you’re in a different world, a different time, away from the hustle and bustle of the metro (although it’s situated inside Cubao, Q.C.).

photos of Cubao X to follow.. i need to raid B’s files first to get a copy *wink*

i’ve been curious with a resto called PenPen and so my sweet little darling thought it would be nice to finally try it and have our little dinner date here.

B{ darling B and his camera }

Penpen's Restaurant Interiors{ PenPen interiors }

B and J
Penpen's Restaurant Interior{ PenPen interiors }

Penpen's Restaurant Menu{ choosing what to chow down from this delectable menu }

Jelly Belly Beans{ Jelly Belly jellybean candies!!! }

Jelly Belly Beans and candy dispenserB surprised me with this cute little candy dispenser and pack of Jelly Belly while strolling around Cubao X. i honestly fell for it when he said he just found it atop of one of the rock seats in there. *foolish laugh*

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