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I want some Bad Cookie!

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Bad CookiesWhen I’m having a rough day, I want me some Bad Cookie?! *yuum*

I first heard of Bad Cookie from a friend and just with it’s name, I know it’s one bad-ass cookie that I just have to try. They are a home-based desserts shop that have a dessert menu that would represent all the witty, weird and quirky in you. Green TT Minded, anyone?

Their cookies are soft, chewy, buttery, with real premium chocolates and different exotic flavors to choose from. This is one indulgent treat for your day to day, freshly baked every time!

Bad Cookie

Love the elegant black and white packaging. Somewhat of a contrast to the quirkiness of their cookies.

Bad Cookie

Happiness in a box of Bad Cookie!

Bad Cookie

“There’s always a bad cookie in the jar.”

Bad Cookie
Bad Cookie

Flavors: {L-R, T-B} Green TT Minded, CheeseOreoserous, Reese in Piece, Da Bean Cheese, Twisted Logic and Bitter Tweet.

Bad Cookie

Bad Cookie: CheeseOreosorous

Bad Cookie

Bad Cookie: Twisted Logic

Tell me, what’s your flavor? These bad-ass cookies can be delivered within Metro Manila.

Bad Cookie
Facebook: Bad Cookie
Phone: +639174800597

Gourmet Fair

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We chanced upon a gourmet food fair at Gateway Activity Area and wandered around the area to see what will pique our interest. There’s a lot actually — like this flavored chocolates with personalized wrappers. I think it’s the perfect giveaway to any party.

But what excites me with these kinds of food fair is the chance to discover local food and desserts shop. In the end, we decided to take home MedChef‘s revel bar (3pcs for Php100). #supportlocal


To more foodie discoveries and sweet beginnings!


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Panghimagas is a Tagalog word for dessert. A term that is perfectly suited to call the sweet treats after a full delicious meal. To cap off our dining experience at St. Nicholas, we tried Civet coffee over these delightful sweets.

{ Civet “alamid” Coffee, world’s most expensive coffee }

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Double Dinner Dessert Date

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As far as I can remember, I have always had this ideal lifestyle in mind — a lifestyle that allows me and my body to still have time and energy right after work to meet up with friends, go on a dinner date, just watch a movie or anything that feels indulgently good for my body and soul. Isn’t this what everybody needs? Luckily, this “ideal lifestyle” which I only dreamed of living is slowly manifesting in my reality right now. Thank heavens!


Chatting with friends can truly melt the stress away! Here with my good friend, Clang.

And so when a good friend invited us out on a double date one weekday, I just couldn’t say no. Our neighborhood is close to UP Town Center and since we haven’t visited yet, this is the perfect time to scout what’s in store and to have a relaxing dinner and dessert.

Dinner was at Salusalo The Filipino Feast, they have good interiors and delicious food but no photos as we were devouring their Bulalo! And who can resist desserts?! I’ve just got to try Vanilla Cupcake Bakery even if only for their charmingly sweet interiors!


We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie. — David Mamet


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Sunshine Kitchen

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IMG_7187{ Key Lime Pie Ice Cream Php240 }

This might be THE most perfect Monday post — my Sunshine Kitchen experience (to shoo away Monday blues)! I will start backwards by sharing this amazingly delicious ice cream for dessert — Key Lime Pie Ice Cream. I didn’t know what flavor it was so when it was served I thought “just another vanilla ice cream” given that it’s white… BUT to my surprise, it’s lime PLUS the texture of the crushed crackers (I suppose) blended perfectly well with the soft but not-easy-to-melt ice cream. It’s such a good play on the texture and taste. Truly the most “pasabog” surprise for me at Sunshine Kitchen.

I “roam” around while waiting for our festivity to start and here is how this foodie place looks like.


They have a sleek bar. And loads of beers to choose from. Too bad I missed to take up-close photo of the beers but we might see them again in person. Date soon, my B?


Now let the foodie virtual tour begin. We started with three appetizers and here are two that stuck with me, especially this one. It’s deliciously paired with their freshly baked bread rolls. AND this BREAD ROLLS – ugh! Seriously delicious!

IMG_7168{ Creamy Crab and Shrimp Dip with Artichokes Php380 }

IMG_7166{ Marinated Whiting Php290. Garlic, lemon juice, wine vinegar and olive oil }

IMG_7169{ Fresh Orange Juice Php160 }

IMG_7170{ Mint Cooler Php160 }

IMG_7178{ 6 Hour Slow Rost Porchetta Php480, good for sharing }

This is another reason I need to go back. It stayed perfectly crunchy even if it was just sitting on the table, waiting its turn to be devoured. I’m such a carnivore! No wonder why I’m healthy-chubby-looking.


IMG_7184{ Myta’s Pizza Php480. Marinara sauce, ricotta, bell peppers, Cabanatuan longganisa }


Special thanks to Sunshine Kitchen management for having us for this special dinner!


Sunshine Kitchen
2nd Floor Fort Pointe Bldg 1,
The Fort Strip, Global City
0928 8212625