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My (more than) Top 5 Occasions That Call for Food Delivery

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Food has always been a special part of my childhood, adulthood, now preggy-hood — that’s basically my whole life existence. Growing up at home with my family, preparing food seemed like a breeze because mom was always there to cook it for you. Ever since I started living independently, I managed to 1) learn few dishes I now call my “signature” dishes and 2) learn to cook for two.

With a hectic and active lifestyle as a pregnant career woman and work-at-home-mom (to be), it’s not always an enticing idea to do grocery or market-shopping much more so to cook. That’s when food delivery comes in as heaven-sent!

Here are my top 8 occasions that call for food delivery:

Granny’s Burger on Foodie.ph

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Food delivery services in Manila are quickly becoming common. So we, as consumers, are very lucky to have several options just when we need it the most. With erratic work schedules and cravings springing instantaneously, food delivery services are such sweet blessings that always come handy.

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The new concept here is that these companies can sign up ANY restaurant you can think of–even those without delivery services. So now, you can order from anyone, anywhere. Multiple ordering made easy by ordering online!

Foodie.ph Restaurants

If you are like me who is a newbie from ordering food online, this has a “wow” factor, don’t you agree?

And to baptize me in this whole food-delivery-services shebang, I’ve tried my fingers and clicked my way to ordering Granny’s Burger through Foodie.ph!

Granny's Burger on Foodie.phBefore I share with you the yummy food I’ve ordered, I want to share my experience from ordering online through Foodie.ph.