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Playing Tourist in the City Round 2

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As promised here, here are more photos from our city getaway, this time it’s from my B‘s cameras. Let me share our precious and crazy bonding moments here…

IMG_1559_dpp_1200{ my pretty bag from Vietnam }


IMG_1637_dpp_1200{ Our new-old tradition… jumping in bed! }

IMG_1650_dpp_1200{ … in his case, tumbling! }


Day 2

IMG_1723_dpp_1200{ getting ready by the poolside… }

IMG_1895_dpp_1200{ …and this is the retro concept shoot i was telling you about }

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Photos by: Brian Sahagun

Playing Tourist in the City

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Last March I gifted my B with Polaroid coupons and a hotel getaway is one of them. And since I recently quit my day job (more on that story soon), a hotel getaway sounds even more enticing.

Edsa Shangri-La Tower Wing Deluxe{ Edsa Shangri-La Tower Wing Deluxe hotel room }

Edsa Shangri-La Tower Wing DeluxeQuestion: So what’s a girl to do after her last day at work?
Answer: Celebrate freedom!!! I invited my B, packed my bags, my curiosity and adventurousness and explored the city.

Day 1 Itinerary:
– Checked in at hotel
– Late lunch at Max’s
– Impromptu swimwear shopping (we forgot to pack!)
– Movie date, Bourne Legacy
– Grocery shopping
– BonChon dinner takeout

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Movie date - Bourne Legacy
Shang Cine Bar Snacks

Day 2 Itinerary:
– Buffet breakfast at Heat
– Swimming
– Photoshoot, Retro concept (photo not yet included here)

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My favorite part of staying at a nice hotel is their buffet breakfast — this time we are eating at HEAT restaurant.

Buffet breakfast at HEAT

Buffet breakfast at HEAT
Buffet breakfast at HEAT
Our little escape ?
Swimming time!
Our little escape ?
Our little escape offered me to play tourist, even just for a day. I feel sparkling again!

Edsa Shangri-La Hotel
11-12 August 2012
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P.s. These are photos from my camera. More photos from my B’s cameras to follow soon.