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Hooray Thursday: New Year’s Resolution 2014

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 Project Couple Selfie _ Day1{ Project 365: Couple Selfie, Day 1 }

New Year’s Resolution 2014

1) Project365 – couple selfie a day

2) Cook new recipe, twice a month

3) Date night, once a week

4) Create postcards, once a month

5) Write love letters, once a week

6) Visit our moms, once or twice a month

7) Take on a creative project (e.g. movie posters), once a month

8) Print photos for frames, twice a month

9) Sleep early, get up early

10) Exercise and be fit

Do you believe in having a New Year’s Resolution? What’s yours?

Hooray Thursday: Big Birthday

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Part 2 of my Hooray Thursday: Big Birthday Wish List!

{ convert the little space beside our apt into a backyard garden }

{ home entertaining. backyard dining. }

{ enjoy creating and watching more home videos }

{ healthy, relaxing & creative lifestyle }

{ lots of city escape!!! }

More of my birthday wishes are for the family we are building. And sharing them with you as an inspiration already feels like it is going to become a reality pretty soon.

Part one of my birthday celebration was spent with family over Italian dinner, drinking wine, lots of laughter and photo ops. Part two is happening this weekend on our little city escape. I will share them both with you next week! xo

Thank you so much for all the birthday greetings!!!

Much love, Jaycelle xoxo

Hooray Thursday: Hooray New Year!

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This is my first Hooray Thursday post for 2012. And I pulled out some favorite posts herehere and here which instantly reminded me the very reason why I started it in the first place. It still made me smile.

I originally thought of sharing my new year’s resolution (though I kind of stop making one) so instead, I will share things I’m looking forward to this year.

Delicious smelling kitchen from delicious cooking{ Delicious smelling kitchen from delicious cooking }

Herb garden in the backyard{ Herb garden in the backyard }

More beautiful music with my B{ More beautiful music with my B }

Cook more with herbs{ Cook more with herbs }

Watch home videos that make us laugh so hard{ Watch home videos that make us laugh so hard }

Explore other talents and interests{ Explore other talents and interests }

An organized home{ An organized home }

Do inspirational shoots{ Do inspirational shoots }

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