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Brew-Kus, The Bev-Wich Shop

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18 July 2012, Wednesday

Simple Joys at Brew KusI’ve never heard of this Bev-Wich shop until my colleagues and I were thinking where to go to after work for some much needed “catching up”. What is Bev-Wich you ask? It’s a short term for beverage-sandwich kind of place.

Brew KusIt was such a short walk from our office and I was delighted to see that at 5PM, the cafe was still empty. I’m loving huge spaces for a more relaxed, laid-back feel while enjoying our food picks.

Crisp Spinach Ravioli{ Crisp Spinach Ravioli. Fresh spinach leaves + cream cheese + parmesan + garlic + crispy wanton wrapper. Php190 }

Since I was not that hungry, I opted to try their Crisp Spinach Ravioli. The fact that it’s fried interested me. The spinach and cream cheese was just palatable and enough to whet my appetite.

Buffalo Wings{ Buffalo Wings. Chicken wings + spicy wing sauce + cool ranch dressing. P250 }

This was picked by Escy and is surprisingly goood! I’ve tasted a couple of Buffalo Wings but there is something more to this version that sets it apart from the rest. If I will be back at Brew-Kus, it will most probably be because of this!

Fish and Chips{ Fish and Chips. Crispy cream dory + special beer batter + hand-cut fries + tartar sauce. Php280 }

This was Kimmy’s order which took eons of years before they served it. And to our dismay, this has nothing special to offer. It tasted like any regular Fish and Chips and as per Kimmy, she tasted its oiliness.

Nutelle and Banana French Toast with Kimberley on the side :))){ Nutella and Banana French Toast with Kimberley on the side *grin*. Thick slice of white bread + special milk batter + fresh banana slices + nutella. Php280 }

Jaycelle with Prescilla{ With my dear Escy }

Jaycelle with Kimberley{ … and baby Kimmy }

With my beloved Executive Team <3

Unlike the usual beverage-sandwich shop, Brew-Kus offers extensive brewed beverages from coffee, true teas and tea lattes paired with modern comfort dishes.

Overall, what I love about Brew-Kus is its food offerings and its laid back ambiance — it took my mind away from the hustle and bustle of Makati area while we revel on the stories we’ve been saving and meaning to share. *smiles*

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." -Virginia Woolf, novelist “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” -Virginia Woolf, novelist

Brew Kus
The Bev-Wich Shop
Unit G-02, 139 Corporate Center,
139 Valero Street,
Salcedo Village,
1227 Makati
(02) 856 7656

Sunday Family Crossover Brunch

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One fine Sunday (a couple of weeks ago) was Tita Vilma’s birthday. And we celebrated the special occasion at Dusit Thani in Makati.