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Brasas, Latin American Street Food

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When I hear “Latin American”, I just can imagine the most beautiful and alluring people — think Brazilian models! And when I saw Brasas, Latin American Street Food, I am immediately drawn because I’m curious as to what could be the secret to their oozing appeal!

At Brasas{ Mi fecha guapo esta noche. }

Brasas Menu

Although their menu doesn’t seem like what sexy people eat on a regular basis to maintain their figures, I’d say the different spices used in their dishes is the factor that gives Latin American cuisine that distinct ooomph and flavor.

IMG_6088{ His: Chicken Rice Platters. Charcoal grilled meat with South American slaw, patacones & yellow rice served with chimichurri sauce. Php180 }

IMG_6089{ Hers: Pequeño Beef Grilled Wrap. Charcoal grilled meat, flour tortilla, tomato salsa, roasted sweet bell peppers, sauteed onions served with chipotle sauce. Php190 + Php30 for extra Monterey Jack cheese }

Both dishes are a feast in the palate. The charcoal grilled meat are tasty and tender to the bite. Although my grilled beef wrap is somewhat oily, which I assume came from the rich beef meat. You would probably crave for something sweet to balance off the taste but other than that, I’m sure you meat lovers will enjoy this, just like I did!

Brasas, Latin American Street Food
5th floor, The Podium, ADB Ave., Ortigas Center
Tel. 570-5559

Berry Blue Friday

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{ Berry Blue Cheesecake }

{ Holla from the Geek chic! }

{ BonTea Jasmine Green Tea }

My daily routine as of late while on vacation will soon change back to the working-chic routine. That’s why, I’m meticulously spending my last Friday before reporting back to work doing things that felt luxuriously relaxing like visiting a nearby mall, reading my favorite blogs while munching on low-fat cheesecake and sipping Jasmine green tea.

{ B and J }

{ Colorful fruits in baskets }

{ Podium Mall }

{ Bouquet of flowers }

Simple pleasures in life I aim to do often.
Life is good!

Hainanese Chicken, Sebastian’s and Cinnamon rolls

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August 6, 2010
(a rather late post)

I was feeling low, I asked to be comforted. My B asked me to dinner at Banana Leaf, bought me Sebastian’s Chilly Burger Ice Cream & treated me with Cinnamon Rolls at Cinnabon. Most of all, he never stopped until I shook off negative vibes & cracked laughing. *love* (grabbed & edited my status on Facebook)

I had one exceptionally ugly August Friday morning that I don’t wish to share in full detail any further (because I don’t want to remember). I’ll just share our food trip at The Podium when I visited my B at his new office just right across this mall.

We best bond over delicious food and so we look around for a homey place to eat and talk.

Decided on having dinner at Banana Leaf, which serves authentic contemporary Southeast Asian cuisine.

His: appetizer, Crispy Spring Rolls Vietnamese Style, Php118

We liked this but we both agreed that we like that of My Thai better. *winks*

His: main entree, Deep Fried Pandan Chicken Php168, Hainanese Rice Php35 and Iced Tea Php60 (not pictured)

Hers: Hainanese Chicken – Set Meal Php198 and Dalandan Juice Php60 (not pictured)

This was my first ever encounter with the famous Hainanese Chicken and I loved it! Since that was my first time to taste it, I cannot really rate how good Banana Leaf’s version was. But, I can say that it’s good enough for me to crave for it and decide on taking my “Search-for-the-best-tasting-Hainanese-Chicken” adventure. If you know other restaurants that serves this, send the suggestions my way. *winks*