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Japan Selections Thrifting

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Thrifting has been one of our most favorite couple bonding for years now. We get giddy excited when there are Japan or American surplus stores in sight. MSM has been a very good place for very good finds like this batch of jackspot (spotted jackpot as coined by my Brian) finds.

Recently, we found a new thrifting haven in Taft, Japan Selections. Sharing to you our random but oh so nice jackspot finds, all these for under Php600! Do you have a go-to thrifting place? I’d love it if you can share them.

Pretty candelabra that just needs a little polishing.
Petite saucers that can hold pretty cupcakes or delicate jewelries.
Vase that can hold my gold pencils or spring flowers.
Gilded mini bowls, perfect for ice cream scoops!
Intricate glass container that would look elegantly pretty at my bedside table.
Two kinds of card stands that I can use for my dessert buffets.

Saturday church and thrifting

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Saturday morning was dedicated to visit the church and say our prayers. It has been years since I went to church with Brian and I am just so happy to be going with him. I truly believe that we need Him at the center of our lives. And I find peace going to church and just lifting it all up to Him.

Tons of photos from our weekend.

{ train ride to the church. how could i not love B’s apt, it’s near everywhere! }

{ purple train is bigger in width than mrt }

{ me and my huge head }

{ buying eggs to offer to the nuns of St. Clare church }

Dress Thrifted

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One Sunday morning we went thrifting.