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The Flying Pig sung at Red Box

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On our love month (yeah we are the type to celebrate this mushy day) , we planned to go and try what they say as Singapore’s best Hainanese Chicken in Makati but, we were so lazy to get up and prep up early. So, we headed to Eastwood City. Thank goodness it’s just a stone’s throw away from us.

IMG_6487{ loving the trees wrapped like a vintage paper straws in Eastwood Mall }

When we checked, our next target restaurant (Korean) is fully-packed with diners, not to mention almost all restos since it was a Saturday night.

IMG_6450{ French-American Bistro }

We scout and scout and finally decided on The Flying Pig’s dinner buffet the minute I heard “roast beef and turkey”.

IMG_6398I’m a self-confessed carnivore and the mention of meat almost makes my mouth water instantly. Loving all the juicy goodness.

IMG_6399{ attacking the buffet table }

First round:

IMG_6400{ His plate }

IMG_6401{ Her plate }

I’ve been trying to eat green every time I have a chance. I was stoked to see the buffet spread with usual veggies to make a green salad. I was upset when I tasted it. It doesn’t taste fresh. I’m not sure though if it’s the tomatoes or the Ceasar dressing. Minus points for the overall experience. Although I loved that Mediterranean Grilled Chicken on stick!

Second round:

IMG_6407{ His plate }

IMG_6408{ Her plate }

On our way I thought we were starving to the max but with the look of our plates, it doesn’t seem like it. Although the pasta was bland, we were so full with all those delicious, juicy, roast beef with giblet gravy, assorted canapés, roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, nachos and salsa and the Mediterranean grilled chicken. So so good! *burp*

We made sure to leave room for desserts!


The restaurant has a delightful ambiance. Interesting paintings of flying pigs as well as old Hollywood actors and actresses’ posters.

IMG_6458IMG_6456IMG_6427IMG_6466They even have a comic strips as a backdrop at their counter. Just cute.


IMG_6480{ the real Flying Pig 😛 }

The Flying Pig
BBQ House & French-American Bistro
Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City
Telephone Number: +632 900-0886


IMG_6498Our little date continued… watching the water fountain dance to Michael Bublé’s songs and Christmas tunes. It’s highly entertaining! And if my B is nice enough, I will ask from him his video of this dancing fountain! *hint hint*

IMG_6486… and posing in front of a huge Christmas tree! I love this time of the year. *smiles*

IMG_6524… and my B lining up with the Superheroes! He’s the most masculine of them all, isn’t he?

And… the highlight of our evening… Red Box videoke!

IMG_6559In this picture, you can’t really say that singing is one of B’s passion, noh? *giggling*

That night I felt so at ease so I sung my heart and lungs out with my B. I didn’t feel shy with him anymore (which is a good thing!). It was so darn fun.

two iced teas. two cerveza negra. one couple. four hours of singing! *laughing out loud*

B, let’s do this again? *grinning*

More photos from our little date here

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun

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