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{ Aguinaldo Shrine taken last Oct 03 on our little field trip, blog post to follow }

Hello friends. Hope you had an awesome weekend!
Here’s sharing my happy list. Hope you made one, too. *smiles*

Lulu’s Happy List

  1. Dexter’s choco eclair and creampuff
  2. mom’s laughter while watching her fave reality shows
  3. my B’s intro to iskalamoochy
  4. Russian cookie with love
  5. arranging photos in our 1st ever photo album
  6. little field trip to Aguinaldo Shrine with my B
  7. our mid-week rendezvous
  8. fun family date
  9. free ticket to Furne One’s 10.10.10 show c/o stylebible
  10. watching Glee with my B
  11. amazing amazing Furne One’s fashion show. Beautiful creations!
  12. a little date at Greenbelt


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