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The Happy List: Fresh Pair Of Eyes

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Lulu’s Happy List

  1. when little brother treats me and mom some pizza
  2. when my B makes sandwich love in the morning
  3. first time I went to work early with B
  4. finding delicious-looking recipes I have yet to master
  5. finding mom’s ‘duties to do’ list hanging in our kitchen. I didn’t realize she likes making lists, too! Who knew?
  6. our first Christmas socks for this year. mom’s an early bird preparing for the holidays!
  7. cold bath on an almost summer-like weather
  8. nurturing thy soul
  9. package in the mail is love
  10. mom as my cheerleader
  11. beehive cupcakes and new foodie discoveries, vegetarian cuapao & coconut mango shake. delish!
  12. my B makes me happy
  13. celebrating with B’s family with pretty little zsi-zsi for his dad’s birthday.

Happy birthday, Tito Jun!!!

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