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The Happy List: January

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Team RainPlay all mushy on new year's eve <3
Team RainPlay all mushy on new year’s eve where we talked about our goals and dreams for 2018 <3

Developing an “attitude of gratitude” is one of the simplest ways to improve your satisfaction with life.

Time and again, I’ve experienced and known the benefits of gratitude and documenting what I’m grateful for on my “gratitude journal”, not just on Thanksgiving or on birthdays nor just on Christmas days. And yet, I don’t practice reflecting on what I should be grateful for and actually keeping a “gratitude journal”. Another one of our many resolutions this 2018 is to reflect daily at the end of every night and just soak it all in — the lessons, the blessings, and the in-betweens — being grateful for everything.

To remind me of the benefits of gratitude I have read this article from Forbes.com, and to kick this off I am sharing my “The Happy List” for January.

My most favorite scientifically proven benefit of writing a gratitude journal is improved sleep. Just by spending 15 minutes jotting down a few grateful feeling before bed may make you sleep better and longer. (And I sooo need this because duh, I’m still breastfeeding my toddler boy to sleep! My mind is so awake thinking of the things I could’ve finished for the day, etc.)

The Happy List

Stay-at-home with #LIttleAdamBryce
Stay-at-home with #LIttleAdamBryce

1. I’m grateful for the chance to be a stay-at-home mom. I’ve had phases and moments (during the last 2 years) when I complained about being trapped at home taking care of our toddler and managing the home, but I’ve since acknowledged the myriad blessings and benefits of being able to stay at home to take care of my boy, at the same time build my business.

#LittleAdamBryce enjoying yogurt

2. I’m grateful that my baby boy is healthy. We’ve had some trips to the emergency room recently because of his on-and-off fever. My husband and I have been worried sick on what could be making our boy feverish and we’re glad that his CBC and Dengue tests turned out to be negative. His little body was fighting a strong virus (which we probably caught when we went to the grocery store and ate at Jollibee where a man behind our table sneezed, boohoo.) for 3 days before he manifested cough and colds. After that, he is well again. Overall he rarely gets sick, most probably because he is still breastfeeding at 25 months.

We love staying at home together <3

3. I’m grateful for my husband’s flexible work schedule. It lets him join us for errands, and more so to spend a day with us, bonding with our little family. He’s so good being a dad to Bryce. I’m just amazed!

Being thankful throughout the year could have tremendous benefits on your quality of life.



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