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The Happy List: New People

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Zsi-Zsi{ photo from family dinner at Racks MOA. photo by Brian Sahagun }

Lulu’s Happy List

  1. Souptacular lunch. Real delicious soups and bread rolls!
  2. spotting cupcake platters and candy jars at a discount shop. awesome!
  3. new KFC Chicken Ala King rice topping. delicious!
  4. fun times at work. hearty laughter is the best.
  5. pretty Dollhouse Diary business cards by my B
  6. attending the 1st ever Blogapalooza event. thanks DJ Vince for organizing this cool event. (blog post to follow soon!) *wink*
  7. meeting Christine of The Average Jane in person
  8. meeting Eunice of Laces and Tiaras
  9. i got excited about Boudoir Dolls Photography and I can’t wait to have my own shoot! *eeep*
  10. family dinner with Princess Zsi-Zsi!

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    Hi Jaycelle,

    Thanks for making SOUPTACULAR #1 on your Happy List.. This really made my day!!! =) Btw, your Happy List is very nice & inspiring, and very positive. Being grateful for the little things around us.

    Cheers!!! God bless you!

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      Hi Criza, I already miss Souptacular because of the holiday break. I’ll order on Monday once I’m back at work. Please send me the menu? 😀

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