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The Happy List: Quality Time

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Lulu’s Happy List

  1. invite to Chikka event
  2. playful fuchsia skirt
  3. writing articles
  4. clean, crisp bedsheet
  5. spending QT with my B
  6. dinner date at Chef’s Quarters
  7. exchanged gifts, B gave me Beauty Bar’s Green Tea lotion. (hope he likes my little gifts!)
  8. rediscovering French Baker, yum!
  9. Manhattan massage! Very much needed. *relaxed*
  10. lazy Sunday breakfast with my B; dinner with family

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    What’s that “Terrestrial” globe? 😛

    Thanks for the long-sleeved shirt for handsome-y effect.

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    You’re welcome, darling. Glad you liked it!

    But next time let me pull out my little ‘surprise’ for you, ok? 😀

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