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The Happy List: Sandwich Love

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Lulu’s Happy List

  1. finally tried Hainanese Chicken at Banana Leaf and Beard Papa cream puff
  2. B’s sweet treats to cheer me up – Sebastian’s Chilly Burgers & Cinnabon Cinnamon roll
  3. new white studded sandals from Syrup
  4. going to movies solo. liberating? 😀
  5. being an inspiration, blog readers who sends sweet messages
  6. first time I went to B’s new office at Anson’s
  7. J: “Why does maling & cheesy egg sandwich taste so good when you prepared it? Ang sarap!”
    B: “Haha.. Because I fried it with love!”
  8. hosted games at office’s Friday the 13th party
  9. “As long as we’re together to make each other smile, anything, darling..”
  10. exchanged ‘baon’ with my B
  11. a good cry
  12. dinner with my B at Sizzling Pepper Steak, love love them!

Yup, I noticed it’s more than ten items too! Because sometimes there are lots more that makes us smile, right? Enjoy!


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